Here is a little history on my dogs.  They have lots of great squirrel dogs in their pedigrees.


                                                                                                                                (L-R) Middle Oxford's Pedro, Tennie, Quick's Champ

Quick's Champ - Sire of Champions and father of Tennie and Gator.  Tennie and Gator are 3/4 Champ Bred.  Champ is a proven reproducer that has thrown many squirrel dogs.  He is the sire of Wld Champion Oxford's Pedro, 2x Arkansas State Champion Horseshoe Mtn Champ Jr, UKC Arkansas State Champion Wood's Missey, NKC SqCh Oxford's Tennie, Quick's Amy, NKC/UKC SqCh/MS St Ch Back Forty Gator, Wright's Panda, Tombigbee Goldie, 2x OK St Ch Stephen's Gracie, OK and TX St Ch Champ's Toby, etc.

Quick's Amy  -   Mother of Gator.  Out of Quick's Champ x Double H Dottie.  Probably the best reproducing female in the Champ line of dogs and any line of dogs period.

Bill Douglas with Amy as an 8 month old pup and her mother Dottie.  James Quick is holding Champ.

Double H Dottie - Mother of Quick's Amy.  Dottie is Gator's Grandmother.  She is in all of my dog's pedigrees.

2004 UKC Arkansas StCh/NKC GrSqCh  Wood's Missey - Mother of Cindy And Thunder.  Missey is out of Quick's Champ x Wright's Freckles.

2014 Oklahoma State Champion/2016 Texas State Champion/NKC SqCh Champs Toby - Sire of Elle and Nannie.  Toby is as nice as they come and is a full brother to Tennie and Gator out of Quick's Champ x Quick's Amy.

2010 and 2011 Oklahoma State Champion /NKC SqCh Stephens Grace - Mother of Rita.  She is directly out of Quick's Champ and Jones Rose.  Grace has won the Oklahoma state hunt a couple times and placed high in many other state hunts.