A new season is upon us and we cannot wait to hit the woods with the dogs and go hunting with friends and family!  Maybe attend a hunt or two ha.

08/15/16 - Opening day of the season and Nannie treed 3 and I got her first squirrel down.  Looking for this dog to do really good things when she finishes out.  I look forward to finishing her training and watching her develop into another nice Champ Bred squirrel dog!

08/27/16 - Man it was hot and the squirrels just did not cooperate but we did a LOT of shooting and Don and John were able to get one down.  We shot at 5 more but they disappeared quickly into the leaves.  It was just fun getting to the woods and having good fellowship on the trip.  I've promised them the next hunt would be much better when these darn leaves thin down and it cools off.

09/30/16 - Had a great afternoon hunt with Nannie.  Nannie is our young dog that we are finishing out this season.  She treed 5 and I knocked down 3 to her.  She did well considering the heat and thick leaves.

10/01/16 - Brody and I went hunting this morning before the football games and knocked down 8 to the dogs.  Had a blast with the B Man and enjoyed watching him shoot!

10/02/16 - I took Brody, Asher and Regan hunting this morning.  We looked at 8 and knocked down these two.  A little tough pointing timbering squirrels out to kids lol.  The best thing about the hunt was Brody taking his first Fox Squirrel.  He was one happy kid!  I think this one is going on the wall!

10/12/16 - Had a nice afternoon hunt with Elle and Nannie.  It was hot but the dogs hunted hard and I was able to find and knock down 6.  Had a couple get away.

10/24/16 - Kevin Payne was down from Michigan to take some exams and after those were over he and I headed to the woods just like old times.  We had a blast knocking down 17 and watched about the same amount disappear into the leaves haha.  A nice hunt with all the leaves on with a bunch of shooting!  Great time with the Payne Train...WooWooooo!

10/31/16 - Had a nice morning hunt and knocked down 8 to Elle and Nannie.  One fell after I shot it and I never found it so only 7 on the tailgate.  A fun hunt by myself...not easy with all these leaves on the trees.  Can't wait for them to fall!

11/05/16 - Took a break from gun hunting this weekend and Brody and I took Elle Mae to the American Treeing Feist Association Fall Rally Hunt.  There were 20 dogs entered and Elle came away with 3rd place finishing with 1550+ points.  On a side note Jeffrey Fulghum and his female Pumpkin Swamp Julie, out of Gator x Wood's Missey, finished 1st with 1800+ points.  One heck of a showing by these dogs!

11/14/16 - FINALLY got to gun hunt again. Had a pretty fair hunt. Clayton is an old buddy from school and has been several times before. We had a good time. We got 11 this morning with six or seven getting away and 8 this evening with five getting lucky. Some we would go straight up a tree and disappear into the leaves never to move again...even with 6 shot flying all around them lol. Also the smoke from all of the wildfires was almost unbearable at times. I don't see how the dogs could even smell. Pretty wild! It was good to be back in the woods!

11/24/16 - Did a little exploring at lunch today. Up in the Tennessee mountains for Thanksgiving. Treed 4 really quick at the wma. All head shots. It was great hunting a place where the leaves were mostly gone. Hopefully hunt in the morning and hunt an hour or so. Cindy looked good.

11/25/16 - Good little morning hunt with Elle in Tennessee. She will make you cuss up in these mountains but I still enjoyed it. Got 7 and watched 3 more timber away into holes or disappear before I could get a shot at them with the .22.

11/26/16 - Quick round with Elle this morning on my last day up in the Tennessee mountains. Knocked down 4 pretty quick and let 3 wild ones get away.  I put Cindy out for a short run but someone had set a fire on the wma that wasn't there the day before and she ran right through it and scorched her feet pretty bad. I tried to honk her with the truck horn but she went full steam ahead. These idiots committing arson need to be strung up! Cindy is VERY lucky something worse didn't happen.

12/03/16 - High Oak Cindy with 1st place and High Oak Elle Mae with 2nd place at today's ATFA South Georgia PM Regional Hunt. Cindy had 1250+ and Elle had 1075+.
This win finished Cindy out to an ATFA Squirrel Champion!
I would like to give a big thank you to Willard Crumpton for putting Cindy in my hands and I would also like to thank Jeffrey Fulghum and Taylor Alred for handling Cindy for me at these last few hunts. Jeff is hot with these dogs right now lol It could not have been accomplished without their help! 
Cindy finishing makes her and her littermate Pumpkin Swamp Julie both ATFA Squirrel Champions! Another great accomplishment!


12/05/16 - Was sitting around waiting for the glass repairman to come replace my truck window.  Said he would be here after lunch so I got to the woods about 10:30 and hunted until 11:30.  I hunted behind two other hunters that had been there when the squirrels were moving and Nannie did better than both of them combined lol.  She ended up with 7 on the tailgate!  Not a bad short hunt.

12/07/16 - Started at 9:30 and stopped at 11:30 to get to the house to have my truck window replaced...again he can't make it. Pretty frustrating. Went back this evening and hunted for an hour and a half.  I guess the day wasn't wasted. Got a few down to the old man and Elle and Nannie really did well today.  We had a good time. I have really enjoyed watching Nannie come around. It is always fun to watch one when the light switch turns on and they start to click! 
This morning I ran into another hunter that I had never met but knew his name from the internet (Wayne Cagle). He rolled up on me at a dead end road and Gator was treed 350 yards down in the woods. He said have you lost your dog and I said no he lost me lol. He said he heard him treeing and we sat and talked about 15 minutes and I got out and pulled the others out and showed him Nannie and Elle. We talked a few more minutes and he said "D@ he's still treed" and I said yes sir and he ain't going anywhere until I go get him. After that Gator went 300+ two more times and I decided it was time to stop haha it's rough in hill country lol