Well another season is upon us.  We have a couple of projects for this season as well as some of the older dogs to hunt.  Hoping this season will be even better than years past.

08/15/15 -  Opening day of the 2015 season and we had a good time.  It was hot and the leaves were thick but Rodney Lover and I got to look at 14 and knocked down 5 to the dogs this morning.  Pictured are Rita and Cindy.  It was great to be back in the woods!

08/25/15 - Got to make a short hunt this morning before class with Rodney Lover and his daughter Hannah while we explored a new WMA. Gator looked good. Knocked down 3 and had another get away. Good to be in the woods!

08/28/15 - Rodney and I went this morning and had a good hunt.  Squirrels were wild and got away but we knocked down some to the dogs. Not bad for August hunting.

09/04/15 - Rodney and I explored this WMA and knocked down a few to Gator. Too much cutover to go back ha.

09/15/15 - Had a good hunt today. Knocked down 9. Rita got most of the work with 3 squirrels getting knocked down to her and the rest to Gator and Cindy.

09/22/15 - Doug Wooten and I took Rita and Billie Jean out this morning. Knocked these down to Rita. Billie Jean is right on the verge of putting things together in the big woods. A fun hunt watching the young dogs!

Arkansas Trip 2015

09/25/15 - Bill and I went this morning and had a good hunt. Had 3 get away but knocked down 6 to the sisters.  Bill is pictured with Rita and I'm with Elle.

09/26/15 - Went this morning with Kevin Harrell and Charley Moore.  Knocked down 3 to Rita and 3 to Gator.  Had 3 get away from Elle.

Went this afternoon with Bill and Bryan. Knocked down some to the dogs. As always we had fun.

09/27/15 - Bryan and I went this afternoon and had a fun hunt with the young dogs.  Had a few get away. Not much was moving but still fun watching them work.

09/28/15 - Bill and I hunted the young dogs this morning.  Had 6 get away and knocked down 7. Bill's young Liz female, 6 months old, got two down to her right off the bat!

09/29/15 - James Quick and I hunted this morning and had fun.  Had about 7 or 8 get away and knocked down 4. Tough hunting but better than sitting on the couch!  I always enjoy coming out here and hunting with these fellas.

Hunted with Bryan Greer this afternoon. Last hunt of the Arkansas Trip. Had a lot of fun and it was nice meeting and hunting with Bryan and Chrome. He is no cyber hunter!

10/05/15 - Doug Wooten, Jim Marino, Edron Lane and myself went Saturday morning in the rain. It would rain and mist back and forth all morning. We had 6 get away from us, had some other trees where it was too thick to find em and knocked down 6. Rough, tough hunting but better than sitting on the couch!

10/10/15 - We knocked down 12 this morning and had 7 or 8 get away. Lots of fun shooting at these wild squirrels. My buddy from school couldn't believe how wild they were. He thought he was going to head shoot them with a .22. You live and learn lol...he switched to a spare shotgun I had pretty quick. Can't wait for the leaves to thin down some. It will be on!

10/11/15 - Had a fun morning hunt with John Smith. Cindy looked good today. We also got a black fox squirrel! I've never seen one before.
Ended up with 8 and should have had a few more but they got away quick.

10/15/15 - Got to go hunting this afternoon with Doug Wooten and Sawyer Camp. We knocked a few down to each of the dogs. Knocked down 15 but had a bunch get away. Should have probably gotten our limit. Had a lot of fun and got my exercise!

10/17/15 - Went this morning by myself. Tough hunting with all the leaves on and only one set of eyes.  Knocked down 3 but had 9 get away.  Elle did her job I just didn't do mine ha.

10/21/15 - Picture is worth a thousand words...Cindy is possessed!  
Afternoon hunt with Doug Wooten. Cindy put on a show. Probably should have had over 20. Had a bunch get away into the leaves. Ended up with 13 on the tailgate.

10/22/15 - These two bout killed us today! My buddy may not go back hunting with me again after today lol 300-400 yards every tree in the hills. Knocked down 10 and had about 10 get away and a good many trees with holes or they had gotten away before the dogs ever treed or before we got there. Tough hunt but fun...to me lol definitely got our workout. We will be pros at sliding down steep hills by the time season is over haha
And no...They aren't kissing haha

10/24/15 - Hunted Saturday morning for a little while by myself then met up with a buddy to finish out the morning hunt. Had a few get into holes but once two guns were firing didn't have any more get away ha. Got 11 and had fun.

10/29/15 - Doug, Nick and I hunted this afternoon and had a good 2.5 hour hunt. Knocked down 18 and had a blast. We put the two older dogs out to let them stretch their legs and get some fur in their mouths and hunted the young dogs most of the hunt. Doug's Billie Jean treed her first wild squirrel today!

10/31/15 - Met up with Doug, Nick and Britt this morning. Had a slow morning but we were hunting a few young dogs. We killed 8 but somehow lost one of the grey squirrels. Britt killed her first fox squirrel and it was a big pretty one too!

11/12/15 - Doug Wooten and I after our afternoon hunt with Cindy and Elle. Pretty windy but got 9 and had some get in holes.

11/29/15 - Annual Thanksgiving Hunt at my granddaddy's. Morning hunt my cousin Alex and I had to go to the WMA and that was cut short because some deer hunters had cut their deer dogs loose on camp ground of all places and the campers and deer hunters were fighting lol the state warden, the federal and the local sheriff were out there to break it up. We got 6 pretty quick but got out of there as soon as the sheriff told us what was going on. Got one more on another road then went to my granddaddy's. Afternoon hunt after Thanksgiving dinner my cousin Alex, nephew Brody and I cut Elle loose walk hunting for about an hour and a half and we killed 12 but one fell on the ground and crawled into a hole. 19 on the day with 18 on the tailgate with Elle. Not a bad Thanksgiving Hunt for a year and a half old dog and some kids shooting!

12/08/15 - Doug Wooten and I got to hunt this afternoon and we had fun. Knocked down 10, had 1 get away and made several dens. We got 6 to Elle and 4 to Liz.
Doug's 8 month old puppy, Liz, looked sharp. She is a stay put squirrel dog and one of the best, if not the best, pups I have ever watched. She is NICE!

12/10/15 - Pretty rough day hunting for Doug Wooten and I this past Thursday. Made a ton of den trees. Only got these 3. Had a Fox squirrel Cindy treed that we let live and another squirrel we left as well. Better than sitting at home! Haha

12/12/15 - Took my friend Ryan Mierzejewski and his son, Carson, this morning for about an hour and a half before I had to get ready for a Christmas party. This was their first time squirrel hunting and they had a blast. I think we could have put a real hurtin' on em if we had been able to hunt longer.

12/13/15 - Lily and I went hunting this afternoon. I don't know if the dogs knew they were supposed to be hunting or if it was petting time lol. We had a lot of fun. Lily really liked the fox squirrel! She likes the dogs more haha

12/20/15 - Had a good evening hunt today with Jim and Brandi Davidoff and Chris and Barrett Adams. The kids got to do some blasting and I got to be the pack mule and vine shaker lol. Had a lot of fun and thanks to Gary Phillips for letting is hunt. Knocked down 20 in 2 hours walk hunting and nothing but split trees with Cindy and Elle. Not a bad hunt!

Here is Barrett with the first squirrel he's ever killed! Love it!

01/14/16 - Finally got into some squirrels this afternoon. Got to the woods and killed 3 real quick to Rita then put Gator out and killed 3 and hunted Rita the rest of the way out for 6 more. Ended up with my limit on the last tree. Rita treed it a couple hundred yards away and it took me 20 minutes to get to her and then find it in that big ol tree lol.

01/16/17 - South Georgia Assassinating with Lucky Beasley and crew
48 on the tailgate and had several more get away on the day.
Hunted Sandy and Elle in the morning.
Hunted Gator and Blur in the evening.

This hunt put us at 400 squirrels for the season.

01/17/16 - Took these young men today and got 3. Made a bunch of dens and it was a pretty tough hunt but they had a blast. Right at the end off the hunt the coyotes began howling and their eyes got as big as silver dollars lol. Thankfully we made it out alive ha

01/26/16 - Took Rita out at 12:30 and hunted til 2.  Made 5 or 6 dens and found 3 on the outside. Rita had to stay treed 15-20 minutes on both of these. My scope was off and it took a while for me to figure out where to aim. One tree I had to walk back to the truck and get some more bullets lol The third squirrel was so small I had pity on it and left it. Rita did well today.

01/28/16 - Been doing some hunting with the .22. Had 3 get away this afternoon but got these 4.
It's tough to get a head shot and right when you think you've got one they run through the pines lol. One of these jumped from the top of giant pines 3 times all the way to the ground and took off running 50-75 yards and up another one...repeat lol. I finally got that one lol

01/31/16 - Had a good hunt today with the Madison Marauders...Jim Davidoff, Tyler Barnhill, Billy Adcock and Wally Davidson. We hunted Rita by herself then Elle and Cindy together. Got 12 this morning and this evening 14 and a coon and had 3 or 4 get away. 26 on the day and it was pretty slow lol. Tired boys!