I have not been able to keep the page updated this season but here are the pictures so far.  I'll have to update the dates and what went on later on when school slows down.  Enjoy!

09-16-14  First hunt of the season!  Good to be in the woods.  Pretty slow and hot.  Made a good many den trees and trees where we couldn't see through the leaves.

10-18-14  FINALLY got to hunt! Took Taylor and Matt. We saw 9 and knocked down 6 and had about 7 or 8 trees where the squirrel was gone or we couldn't make it move. Had a blast! The dogs looked sharp! Pictured are Nikki and Cindy

10-21-14  Had a fella call me up yesterday asking about dogs so I invited him to go this morning. Taylor had a good time observing lol Next time he'll be shooting and we can keep hunting. Cindy looked good and treed a bunch quick and I limited out.

10-25-14  Got to make a couple hunts this weekend with my nephew and Taylor Alred. We had fun and got to look at some squirrels. Dogs are still out of shape lol just their 5th time in the woods since August. Poor things are trying hard lol

Got 8 Saturday morning and had a few get away and treed a bunch that had already left or couldn't move them.

10-26-14  Got 6 this morning and watched 3 disappear along with the usual 10 or so trees where its too thick to find em. Amazing how they do that this time of yea lol all those leaves

10-28-14  Me and a friend from school met up with Kevin Weathington (Holiwud Kennels) to hunt today. Enjoyed my day off!
We hunted Kevin's Doc and Honey and my Gator, Cindy and Nikki. Dogs did good considering all the leaves, being out of shape and the afternoon heat. Knocked down 18 and had some more get away and a bunch of trees where the leaves were too thick to find em. Those leaves come down and its on  
We had fun Kevin!

11-08-14  Got to make a couple of quick hunts Friday and Saturday with Johnathan Baker and Kidd. We had a good time and knocked down a few squirrels.
Friday we hunted about and an hour and a half and got 7 and had several get away from us to tree another day. We both will be glad when these leaves drop so we can find them when the dogs tree em! Made a good many trees where the leaves were too thick to find anything. Wind blowing didn't help matters either lol

Johnathan with Kidd up top and me below with Gator

11-09-14  Saturday morning we met up and made a quick round and had a little better hunt. All 4 dogs looked good. Knocked down 12 and had several get away into holes or the leaves. Bunch of trees where the leaves were too thick to even see them. Lots of fun!

11-21-14  Pretty woods and good food for supper. Good dog work from Blur and Nikki! Back to the woods bright and early with more sorry old ATFA dogs
Knocked down 12 today with Cindy and Sandy and had a good many get away.  My gun fell apart with a good bit of daylight left so we had to quit early lol.  A fun hunt.  Nothing but split trees.

11-26-14  Me and Jeff Fulghum met up with Randy Walker and did a little hunting this afternoon with Cindy and Rhonda.  Jeff's son Jacob knocked down 7 of the 14 squirrels!  A very fun hunt.

11-28-14  Jim, Jase and I went to my cousins place and made a quick hunt with Cindy. We knocked down 9 and had 4 more get away. Made some trees close to dark and the squirrels were WILD! They would be 5 or 6 pines over and still moving. Probably could have had close to 15 or 16 if they had not been so crazy. Jase and Jim got to do a lot of shooting. I only carried the shells and the squirrels ha

11-30-14  My sister, Brody and Jase went with me this afternoon for about an hour on my granddaddys place. Had fun watching them shoot. I was the pack mule and shaker today and was drenched from head to toe haha.

01-06-15  Due to...School obligations, it has practically rained the entire break...and I got the flu for Christmas  Its been tough not getting to hunt for so long. My season will be over shortly due to even more school obligations  
Randy Walker invited me and Jase to hunt and we got in about an hour and a half hunt with Cindy. She did well and we got 10 and had 2 or 3 get away and made some den trees. It was a fun hunt!
Man it was good to be back in the woods!

01-10/11-15  A few hunts from Saturday and Sunday. The squirrels did not move well at all due to the cold snap but we managed to look at around 40 hunting Saturday am, pm and Sunday am. Took 30 total and had some get away and made a TON of den trees. Friday night we had ribeyes, Saturday night a fish fry and Sunday lunch was Boston Butt. Awesome food and fun in the woods! Thanks to Jim Davidoff for having me and Marino over again. Always enjoy hunting with you fellas! 

01/16-19/15  Jim Marino and I headed down south from school for MLK weekend to visit the one and only Lucky Beasley. Got in a lot of hunting, trapping, bs, and goooood eatin!

Started out Friday afternoon hunting a little under 2 hours with Steven Cloud and Lucky. Jim had class til 7 so he didn't get down til late. We hunted Blur and Cindy and got 10 and made a bunch of dens and had a few others get away. Game didn't move much all weekend but it was still fun being in the woods

Woke up Saturday morning and did some trapping and got some breakfast at Pat's store and listened to some story telling then headed out to squirrel hunt. It was a slow day but we had fun. Knocked down 14 for the afternoon, got stuck in the mud once, got out of the ditch and on the way out Lucky's boys Brandon and Paul met us with Brandon's coon dog Trigger. We listened to him work and got treed once and we headed out and back to the house.

Sunday we took it easy on a windy day just relaxing and hanging out. After sitting around we took Sandy out for an hour or so and treed 9 and knocked down 4. Squirrels were WILD!!! Jumping out and getting to holes quick. She looked good and it was another fun trip. Headed back to the house for some Deer sausage and bacon wrapped dove with jalapeños, cheese and onion.

After lunch and sitting around a fire listening to some big ones we headed to the squirrel woods with the dogs. Squirrels didn't move all that well but the dogs worked hard for a couple hours and put 16 on the tailgate. We hunted Cindy, Millie, Blur and two dogs owned by Lewis Velvet Ears Dean. The old folks were too tired to get in the picture with their dogs lol

01-21-15  June treed 10 today and I got 6 down with the .22.  

01-24-15  Jim and I hunted June for a short hunt and knocked down 4 to her and had some get in holes.

01-25-15  Took June out and knocked down 4 to her this morning and had 5 get away.

Took June out again and got 5 with her and some more got away.

01-28-15  Took Cindy, Gator and June out this afternoon and knocked down 6.  Watched a bunch get into holes.  This time of year is tough hunting by yourself and I was using a .22 so they had a pretty good chance of survival haha

01-29-15  Took my friends Rodney Lover this morning and we had a good hunt.  We knocked down 7 and had 7 or 8 get away.  Lots of fun to be in the woods!

01-31-15 Had a good hunt with my nephew. We knocked down 13 and had just as many get away plus about the same in dens the dogs treed on for the day. It was tough but worth it letting Brody do most of the shooting with the .22. He really enjoyed it!

02-03-15  Cindy and Julie after a morning hunt. Both are out of Gator and Wood's Missey.

Outlaw and Cindy were hot this afternoon. 18 on the tailgate!

02-04-15  Met up with Doug Wooten again and we had good hunt.  Squirrels dogs not move good and we made a ton of den trees but we managed to put 15 on the tailgate.  Enjoyed the hunt Doug!

02/07/15 - Had a good hunt today. Hunted Cindy this afternoon and got 15 . The kids got to kill some ands when they missed we cleaned up with a shotgun. Can't wait til we hunt tomorrow morning and we will go at it again. I bet it's not as good a hunt but it will be great to be in the woods!

Pictured are Marie, Brandi, Jim Davidoff, James Milam with Cindy, my girlfriend Sarah and John Milam. Sarah's first squirrel hunt!

02/08/15 - Had a good morning hunt.
Sarah, Billy Adcock, Lee Banks, Jim Davidoff and myself took Cindy out for a couple hours. Made a bunch of den trees at first but caught some on the outside towards the end and put 8 on the tailgate.

Sarah's first squirrel!

02/11/15 - Rough hunting in the mountains today. Doug has to wait at the truck for now to let his eyes heal up from surgery so I'm going in by myself ha. Left 4 that I could never get to turn for a shot but could see them scattering bark in the pines and was able to get 6 to move. Shot another one that fell and got in a hole. Bunches of dens! Doug has enjoyed watching. I told him next season I'm gonna get his butt in shape and get him to help me turn those squirrels ha just kidding Doug

02/15/15 - Hunted with Jim and the Banks twins for a couple hours. Squirrels did not move much at all this afternoon but the dogs found 11 for us this afternoon and we got ten. Had one get in a hole after we shot it.

02/17/15 - Not because of numbers but watching these two kids!
We saw 10, knocked down 5 and made a bunch of dens. 
Asher is with Tennie and Lily is with Cindy. The kids had a blast and Sarah and I had fun watching them!

02/21/15 - Jim, Wally and I hunted about an hour and fifteen minutes this afternoon with Cindy and had a really good hunt. Knocked down 10 and made 6 den trees.

02/27/15 - Went hunting with Cindy for the afternoon with Randy Walker, my brother in law Rick, and my nephews Brody and Jase. Got 12 down and a few got away. Lots of fun just being the squirrel woods and watching them shoot.

02/28/15 - Final hunt of the season with Jim and the Milam boys.  The less was flying this afternoon and we knocked down a bunch in a short time.  The last hour was non stop action.  What a great ending to another great season!