2013-2014 Season Hunting Picture

We had another great season!  Got to hunt with some great folks, great dogs and had some excellent hunts!

08-19-13  Got to hunt for the first time this season. Had some fellas from school want to go so I figured I would take them road hunting after we ate lunch a little while so we could all get back and study for midterms. Sometimes the best plans don't work out so well.

Got to the WMA and the gate was locked :roflmao:
I said well let's go home but they insisted we walk. I told em they'd be sorry. After about an hour and a half they were!
Nikki bout killed us in these hills. Better than being inside watching TV.
Made 8 or 9 trees, managed to see 3 of them and knocked down 2. We were soaking wet from head to toe. And had to walk a long ways back to the truck.
We had a delay making it home. My friend Jim's front brakes caught fire lol so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a few hours after we put the fire out lol let those things cool off before we got back in and drove home.

08-25-13  Made a morning hunt with some friends. Got to the woods a little late but still had fun. Lots of shooting and not a lot of squirrels falling but its fun shooting at them when they're running through the leaves!
We knocked down 4 and had a few others get away and then the puppy training started

John Moorehead on the left with Kidd and Taylor Stanford on the right with Gator

09-01-13  Took a couple of fellas hunting this morning. Not much was stirring but we knocked down some. Made several trees where it was too thick to see very far over our heads and some where we just couldn't make em move.

The best part of the hunt was seeing May tree her first squirrel in the wild. A lonnnnng ways to go but a step in the right direction!

Clayton with Gator on the left and Taylor with May on the right

Missouri Trip - Sept 28-29

Hunted 2 days with some good friends. 

First pic is of Willard Crumpton, Kevin Harrell, Jim Allen and Jim Marino.  Saturday hunt. We got a lot of squirrels shot down to all the young dogs. 10 eyes are better than 2


A good morning round with Kidd on Sunday.  Jim with Kidd

Sunday afternoon with Gator and Nikki!

10-04-13  Went this morning for a little over an hour. Got 5 and had more than that get away. Seeing them just can't get there quick enough or shoot quick enough

10-12-13  This morning Jeff Fulghum,  Jeremy Gunter, and myself took this wild bunch of lead slingers squirrel hunting. We hunted Jeremy's Lulu, Jeff's Hambone and Cindy.
Made a BUNCH of trees and got some to move and then the shooting was on!!!  Knocked down 10 and a coon. Had one get hung up in a pine. Also had one member of the crew get stuck in the mud (pic below lol)
Had fun fellas!!!


Finally got my boot out of the mud!







10-20-13 Took Taylor and John and hunted Cindy most of the time and put a pup out for a little while. Knocked down 5 and let 5 or 6 get away

10-27-13  Me and Taylor went hunting this afternoon and had a pretty good hunt.  Cindy looked really sharp!  Knocked down 8 and let a few get away.  Leaves are still pretty thick.

Brandon Hard, Kevin Payne and Jim Marino

10-29-13  Brandon Hard, Kevin Payne, Jim Marino and myself had the day off so we went a hunting.  Knocked down 35 squirrels and had a blast.  20/35 squirrels we knocked down were to Cindy.  She was smoking hot!  She has looked sharp all season.


10-30-13  Great morning round before we had to get back to hitting the books.  Knocked down 16.  Looks like 3 outlaws HAHA

11-03-13  Hunted this afternoon with Taylor and knocked down 17.  10 of these were Cindy's and she treed em QUICK!

11-10-13  Me and the guys from school had a blast and were worn out after this hunt.  Ran out of shells and energy!  Knocked down 42 to Nikki, Gator and Cindy.  The dogs were rolling today and so were we.  Sounded like WW3!  Gator tore a nail in the morning so he did not get hunted in the afternoon.  Hunted Cindy and Gator in the am and Nikki and Cindy in the pm.  Over half of these squirrels were knocked down to Cindy.  She nearly killed us at the end of the day treeing so many so quick.

11-18-13  A very windy afternoon hunt with Nikki.  Had 5 get away and knocked down these 4.  Couple other trees that were pines or still holding on to all the leaves where I couldn't find anything.  Not bad for the conditions.

Short clip of Nikki Treeing  -  http://youtu.be/HO7YSou3h1o

Nikki treed in Alabama

11-24-13  Clayton and I headed out to hunt today and it was dang cold for this part of the world...24 degrees. This Confederate ain't used to Yankee weather!

We hunted Gator and Cindy this morning and managed to knock down 9. This afternoon we had a little better luck and found 15. Gave us our limit of 24 for the day. Squirrels didn't move all that great today but the dogs worked hard.
This afternoon we hunted Gator, Kidd, Nikki and Cindy. Cindy put on a show for Clayton and wore his butt out lol

Me with Cindy and Clayton with Gator after the morning round


Me with Kidd and Clayton with Cindy

Me with Nikki and Clayton with Gator

Thanksgiving Hunts:

11-27-13  Me and Brody with Nikki.  We had a fun time and Nikki looked sharp.  Back in time to watch Earnest Saves Christmas and Home Alone lol.  They never get old.

11-28-13  I took Nikki out by myself this afternoon.  Set the timer and in an hour fifteen minutes Nikki made 14 trees and I was back at the truck with my limit. I forgot my binoculars and swung back by and got them after we circled the property and got them for the last 2 trees. Big timber is hard to spot those suckers in when you're hunting by yourself! I enjoyed my Thanksgiving hunt.

12-01-13  Took my dad and nephew hunting this afternoon. Had a blast! Knocked down 13 and a coon. My nephew got 3 of these with the .22 and also popped the coon once and then my dad finished him off. Had a great Thanksgiving break...got to see all of my family, got to eat a lot, got to hunt with family and got to watch Auburn win the Iron Bowl with all of my family and friends in Auburn yesterday! War Eagle!

12-19-13  Today was our last day of finals and as soon as we finished Kevin and I left campus 100 mph towards the woods lol

We hunted Nikki and Cindy a little under 2 hours before it got dark on us and knocked down 13 and had a few more get to dens on us. The dogs looked good and we took out a couple weeks worth of frustrations out on the poor bushy tails

12-20-13  Got to hunt with some old friends today. I've known them since they were knee high to a grasshopper. When I was in Jr College I used to pick them up from school because they lived right across the street from us when I was still living at home. We would take them to the woods and play ball with them. They were fun kids back in the day. Now they're all grown up! Luke, on the left, just graduated from Auburn and Brackin, on the right, is a senior in high school and a long distance track star about to get a full ride scholarship! It was good to see them again! These fellas know where to take an old fart and his dogs hunting!
We killed 14...3 fox squirrels and 11 greys. I let them do all the shooting unless they started getting away...and even then we let 4 or 5 get to dens and we made a BUNCH of dens as well where we didn't get to see one.

12-23-13  Went this morning with some friends! Tommy Worthy and his grandson Hunter. It was kind of a messy hunt....cold and very wet. Dogs did pretty good considering the conditions. We knocked down 8 and had 4 get away into dens and also made 5 or 6 more den trees. Also Hunter got his first Fox Squirrel! He was one happy 10 year old kid!!!

12-24-13  Jase and I headed over to our 40 acres before our Family Christmas Dinner. Look who brought home the bacon lol. For some reason nobody wanted to include our food in the meal.
We walked Nikki around about an hour and a half. Treed 10 and got these 6. Jase shot down all but one. I was letting him do all the shooting. I knocked down one that was about to hit a den tree.
He had fun and that is all that matters


12-26-13  Me and Jeffrey Fulghum hit the woods today. I ain't exactly sure where he took me but it was rough and hilly but we had a good time and good hunt. We knocked down 24 but had 8 or 9 get away. I know that 7 bailed out of the tops of trees and hit the ground running. We should have had our limit but that's how it goes when hunting wild squirrels. Had a great time Jeff. Next time let's stay further away from Tuscaloosa! The two younguns were out cold before we had driven out of the woods!

12-29-13  Afternoon Hunt near Kellyton with Johnathan Baker, his girlfriend Emily and his son Mitchell. We hunted Gator and Kidd. Sort of a slow hunt but ended in a flurry of fur and lead! Got 13 and made a few den trees. Fun hunt guys!

12-30-13  Afternoon hunt with my nephew Brody and Kevin Weathington (Holiwud Kennels). We hunted Gator, Doc and Kidd. Knocked down 2 with Gator early and made a few den trees. Got 12 out on Doc and Kidd the last hour and a half. Slow afternoon but we had fun and got to do some shooting!

12-31-13  Jeffrey Fulghum and I went walk hunting today with Randy Walker and his son Preston this afternoon and had a pretty good hunt. We knocked down 22 and had 2 get away and didn't even hunt he last 30-40 minutes of daylight. The weather had the squirrels off and not moving all that well so the dogs were getting off pretty far from us and split treeing. Hambone and Cindy looked sharp and made all of us sweat lol  A GREAT way to end 2013!

01-01-14  First hunt of 2014. Ross Vining and I went walk hunting this afternoon. Man what a rough hunt lol. I feel like I've been hit by a dump truck after crawling through the jungle for 2.5 hours and was wet with sweat from head to toe. Cindy did good considering the conditions. Was getting a little deep at first and going where we didn't want her to but once the squirrels started moving she was popping them one after another. Started off slow and ended pretty good. Knocked down 11 but couldn't find one after it hit when it timbered off and made a bunch of dens. Thanks again for the hunt Ross! Always enjoy hunting with you.  A Great Start to 2014!


Morning Hunt with Jim Davidoff, his daughter Brandi and Billy Adcock --- aka B.A.

Went hunting with Jim Davidoff, his daughter Brandi and some of thier friends today.
We hunted from 8-10 in the morning and 3-5 in the evening. Dogs did great staying split treed most of the day. We hunted Cindy and Gator.
My knee got to hurting and for one of the first times in my life I told them that I'd had enough lol We quit with about 30 minutes of daylight left.  I appreciate Jim inviting me back to hunt with him again and share my squirrel dogs.  Always a pleasure!

Evening Hunt with Jim Anthony and Jim Davidoff

01-12-14  Today was my parents 40th wedding anniversary so I squeezed in a morning hunt before we went out to celebrate!

Johnathan Baker and Ricky Waller met me at my cousin's place for a morning hunt.  We had a pretty rough hunt as far as making den trees/big pines goes.  We hunted Cindy and she probably treed close to 20 times and we only got to look at 6.  The rest were den trees or big pines where we couldn't find them.  Felt like February hunting haha.

01-19-14  Stayed with Lucky Beasley after the Dexter ATFA hunt and had a blast!-
Went hog hunting this morning with Ron Templeton and caught 5 hogs in just a couple hours. Man that was fun. Lucky, Paul Beasley, Lewis Dean, Ben Thompson and myself enjoyed the hunt Ron.  That stuff is rough and serious!!!
After the morning we all hung out at Ron's place and had a fish fry. We ate so much we are lucky we didn't fall asleep and miss the afternoon fun lol 
That afternoon Ron took all of us to a spot to squirrel hunt. We hunted Cindy and Blur and in less than 2 hours we had knocked down 22 and missed a few more.
Ron showed us all a good time. I appreciate the hunt and the invite fellas. Always fun with the South Georgia Assassins!

It takes a real man to wear pink


01-20-14  Johnathan Baker and his little hunting buddy Boone took me to a piece of property yesterday afternoon. We walked a couple hours with Kidd and treed 11, killed 11 and had one hang up in a pine tree. Pretty hilly country so we got a little bit of a workout. Squirrels did not stir around really well but we had a fun hunt!

01-22-14  I got out early and headed to the woods with Nikki. She has been in heat for a while and I decided to go ahead and try to start hunting her up. Walked a couple hours in the hills and got these 6. Had 2 get away and one tree had a double so I left one of those. Made a couple of den trees as well.
My legs were screaming..."Take us back to south ga! Take us back to that flat land!"

This video is the double. Had 2 trees about 5 feet apart with one up each tree. I shot one down and after she killed it she went back treeing. She knew the other one was up there. Had to carry her away lol



02-01-14  Headed North and stayed with Jim Davidoff and crew to make a couple of hunts.  Had a great time as always and I would like to thank Jim for inviting me up again.  He knows how to put you in the game!!!

Hunt this morning with Jim Davidoff, Brandi Davidoff, Billy Adcock and Ryan Wright. We hunted Cindy and Gator. Killed 12 but made twice as many den trees. Pretty slow but had fun with these folks!


Nice evening hunt with Nikki. Jim Davidoff, Billy Adcock, Wally Davidson and myself went hunting on Gary Phelps property and knocked down 18. Gary was able to maneuver through the woods on his golf cart with his 81 year old dad, Morris, to let him watch. We had a great time and Nikki looked pretty sharp!


30 on the day. BA with Nikki, Cindy and Gator. Cleaned all of them and the majority were tough males. A real treat to clean LOL

02-02-14  We made a morning round and not much was stirring from the bad weather moving in.  Wet and man was it warm and humid!  We got 5 but it was a struggle all morning!

02-04-14  Randy Walker and I took to the woods this afternoon for about and hour and a half. Man it was ugly weather but Nikki did well. We couldn't get a clear picture because it was such messy weather and sprinkling rain. We killed 14 and had 2 get hung up and made a few dens and pine trees. A pretty good hunt on a bad day. Thanks for the hunt Mr. Walker hope you had fun.

02-09-14  Jim Marino and I met up with Jim Davidoff and crew Sunday for a fun hunt!

We took Jim Davidoff and Chris Milam and a bunch of kids armed with .22s. We hunted Nikki a little over 2 hours and knocked down 13.
From L-R
Brandi Davidoff, John Milam, James Milam, Tim Milam and Marie Hayes

Chris helping his youngest son James find a squirrel in the pines

Nikki treeing in the morning

The girls trying to zero in on one

Just the Girls...Brandi, Marie and Nikki

For the afternoon we went out again and had a great hunt knocking down 23.  We had another get hung up in a nest making it 24 for the afternoon in just over 2 hours.  Here are the Milam boys with Nikki after the afternoon walk through the woods.

The final damage with the crew and Nikki. Finished the day with 36 squirrels and a rabbit lol. I am one tired boy carrying all that weight. Nikki did well!

Pictured top L-R: Jim Marino, Chris Milam, John Milam, Jim Davidoff
Pictured bottom L-R: Tim Milam, Marie Hayes, Brandi Davidoff and James Milam


02-21-14  Friday afternoon John Moorehead and I went to the woods after some midterm exams and road hunted Nikki and Cindy a little while and also worked with Cash and Sally. We got 6 and made a bunch of den trees. The place we hunted is just one road a little over a mile or so long so it was mainly just a time to knock a few down and work the pups.
Nikki and Cindy in the top picture
Cash and Sally belSund

Sunday afternoon I called up Randy Walker and we met up and hunted again with a little better luck. Nikki still made us sweat by getting out there pretty good most of the hour and a half hunt. We knocked down 13 and one of those got in a hole. Really appreciate Randy taking us out. Jase really had a great time and so did I watching him shoot! Spencer said Jase went to sleep as soon as I dropped him off back home! HAHA

Got to make a few hunts this weekend and probably call it a season because of school and testing. It sure was a great season and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the hunts with friends, new friends and most importantly family! The dog work wasn't to bad either :roflmao:  We didn't get to hunt as much as the last few seasons but still had a lot of great hunts and met some new friends along the way.  We watched Cindy turn into an absolute buzz-saw and develop into an extremely nice squirrel dog with the potential to get even better.  Really enjoyed hunting Gator (AS ALWAYS!!!) and Nikki as well and really poured it on Nikki towards the end of the season!  I have been truly blessed to be able to hunt such fine squirrel dogs!