A new season is upon us and we cannot wait to get in the woods and start hunting.  We hope to take as many new hunters out as possible and make some new friends.  We also look forward to hunting with our old hunting buddies and seeing some good dogs tree some squirrels!

08-15-12  The hunting was tough yesterday afternoon and the squirrels were wild but I managed to knock a few down. Knocked down 3 to Gator and missed 6. Ringo also treed twice and I saw one through the leaves but it got away. Thunder treed once as well but I couldn't find it in all the pines where he treed.
I had to put Gator up because I thought he was going to run himself to death in the heat. He wouldn't quit so I made him lol


After I put Gator up I decided to run Thunder the rest of the way out of the WMA and ran up on one of Lucky Beasley's buddies...


08-16-12  Jim Marino and I went to the woods this morning before class and made a quick round with the dogs. It was very rough. We knocked down 2 and had 4 get away and made about 6 trees where we couldn't see 10 feet above our heads. Poor Gator and Ringo were wondering what was wrong with us lol.
However, We got lucky on the last tree of the day and saw this one trying to bail out on Thunder when he treed. This is Thunder's first squirrel ever knocked down to him. Hopefully his first taste of fur will get him going in the right direction.


08-17-12  Friday afternoon I got to the woods after class and hunted about 45 minutes by myself. Hunted Thunder mostly. I hope my luck continues with finding his squirrels so quickly. He likes fur in his mouth and he also naturally retrieves like most of these Champ dogs I have hunted with before.

08-18-12  Took my buddies Jim and Brandon Saturday morning. We had a bunch get away but I had fun watching them shoot! They finally learned to shoot at the squirrel by the end of the morning.  This was Jim's second time to ever squirrel hunt with dogs and Brandon's first time to hunt squirrels period. They had a good time and that was all that mattered to me.

08-20-12  Kevin Payne and I got out of class today and hit the woods for a short hour run. The squirrels were not stirring good but we did pretty good with all the leaves on going 6/6. We mostly hunted Ringo. He looked pretty good treeing 3. Gator got two quick ones and I put Tennie out to let her stretch her legs for a bit. I also let my little Champ Jr x Nikki pup run with her in front of the truck. That was funny to watch LOL.

08-24-12  Took Thunder out Friday afternoon with Kevin Payne. Thunder did well. Not much was moving but got these.  I have had a lot of fun and also many frustrating moments the last couple of weeks watching this dog come along. It has been just like watching Kidd, Ringo and Jock last season. Sometimes its a ball and sometimes you just want to cuss haha

08-26-12  Just got back from hunting this morning and had fun! Here is Thunder again this morning! This was the best he has looked so far.

08-31-12  Got to the woods late and nothing was really stirring but managed to tree 6 or 7 times and find these 2.  This is Brandon and his girlfriend Amy.  Amy found and shot one of these.  Now an official Connecticut redneck haha

09-01-12  Met Evan Harrell Saturday morning and hunted. We made about 15 trees and killed 9. One fell in a creek and we couldn't find it after that lol Pictured are Gator and Evan's dog Coco.  Enjoyed the hunt Evan! 

09-03-12  Monday morning me and Jim hit the woods and had an ok hunt. We saw 10 and killed 5. The squirrel on the far left more than made up for the 5 we missed. Didn't know it til the squirrel hit the ground but we got an Albino! I told Jim to take a good look at it because he would probably never see another one in the wild. This one is going to the taxidermist!






09-14-12  Took Tennie out exploring a little this afternoon.  Managed to knock down 6 and had 4 get away and no telling how many trees where it was just too thick to even think about looking.

Arkansas Trip - 09/21/12-09/29/12

Finally getting around to posting pics of my trip of hunting in the Arkansas mountains. I really had a great time. I got to hunt with Bill Douglas, James Quick, Jeff Oxford, Derrick Reed, Kevin Harrell, Damion and Myles Jones and Charley Moore. Got to see a lot of good dog work and got the young dogs some good work. I would like to thank everyone for showing me a good time and I would like to give a big thanks to Bill Douglas and Babe for putting up with me for a week and making me feel at home.

Here ya go...

The terrain was rough all week and I got plenty of exercise but it was worth it! I appreciate Bill and James putting this hill boy up in the mountains and making me work :roflmao: Some of these places were so steep you would die if you slipped! Luckily these boys know the terrain and would put the dogs up before you got to the dangerous places.

Quick morning hunt with Bill

Saturday morning Bill Douglas, James Quick, Derrick Reed and myself met Damion and Myles Jones to hunt on Poteau Mtn. We had a really good time. Damion and Myles are great guys and I hope to get up another hunt with them around Christmas time.
Here is the results of our morning hunt. Pictured from L-R are Damion Jones, Derrick Reed, Bill Douglas, James Quick and Myles Jones. Bill and Derrick took the squirrels and headed home. They were both tired haha.

Damion and Myles followed behind James and I for the afternoon hunt. Myles can sure find a squirrel. By the end of the day I was yelling "TREE MYLES"!  Myles is a great kid and he sure seemed to enjoy himself.
Pictured L-R Damion with Tennie and Gator, Myles with Stormy and Boots, James with Ringo and Kidd

I got in this one lol


Monday Afternoon Derrick Reed and I took Gator and some young dogs. We hunted his Walker x Birddog named Gauge and dog named John (McElroy's Smoke x Tennie), I hunted Gator and Thunder. Derrick wanted to see Gator go so we knocked down 5 quick ones to him and then hunted the young dogs. Good dog work on this hunt!

Derrick with Gauge

I met James Quick and hunted a little Tuesday morning in high winds. Everytime James and I hunt together "the cotton pickin wind" is blowing. James has Tennie and Toby. Both are out of Champ x Amy.

Wednesday morning Bill and I took our pups out of Gator x Wood's Missey out for a morning run. Had some get away but knocked down 4. We took the picture with 3 and then knocked down #4 a little later to Cindy. It was a good morning of dog training.

Wednesday afternoon Jimmy Reynolds and I took Ringo out alone and hunted a little under 2 hours. Ringo made 16 trees, we saw 12 and knocked down 8. I was the only shooter on this hunt. Jimmy just came to watch. I learned my lesson on not pricing a dog if you really don't want to sell one :roflmao: I asked $3000 for ol Ringo and he bought him.  I know Jimmy will take good care of Ringo and will hunt the hair off of him. Good luck with him Jimmy...You got a NICE one!

Thursday afternoon Jeff Oxford and I went out for a morning hunt. I took off and forgot to get a tailgate picture with Jeff and Horseshoe Mtn Sammie but he has forgiven me LOL. We knocked down 13 and had 4 get away. One fell into a briar patch and we nor the dog couldn't get to it. A good hunt in the heat. We had fun.

Here is Charley Moore with our results from Friday morning. It poured down rain on us but we still hunted for a while. None of the rest of us wanted to get in the picture because we were too busy changing out of our wet clothes lol.

Me and Charley Friday afternoon. Neither Bill or Kevin wanted to break my camera so they just took our pictures lol.
Me and Charley with Tennie, Kidd and Thunder.

Me and Charley with Gator and Booger

Saturday morning we had a good hunt. We never got to hunt Gator or Kidd. We had a good quick hunt and came back in to relax. Charley was dead on with his shooting!

Tennie Saturday morning

Charley with Tennie, Kidd and Thunder. Got a few with Tennie and hunted the young dogs.

Happy Kid!

10-05-12  Thunder's first limit! I only got to hunt for a short time around an hour and Thunder said I was done hunting haha.
10 trees, 10 squirrels seen, 2 got away, 8 knocked down! Not bad for a dog that has only been hunted a little under 2 months plus all the leaves on the trees.
This is Thunder's first season and I am very pleased with how he is doing

10-06-12  Saturday my little nephew Brody and I went hunting. We had a great time. We knocked down 10 and had 10 get away plus about 10 more trees where the squirrel wouldn't move for us. Brody really liked Thunder and still loves ol Kidd!

10-13-12  Saturday afternoon I met up with Jeff Fulghum (pumpkinswampsqdogs) after attending a mandatory business meeting for Friday and Saturday morning. We had a good afternoon run knocking down 12 and having 7 or 8 get away. The best part of the hunt was his young dog Outlaw (Champ Jr x Quick's Amy) getting his first squirrel knocked down to him. Matter of fact...we knocked down 3 to him. Treed 3 times and found all 3 to knock down. Jeff was pumped and so was Outlaw!

Jeff with Kidd, Thunder and Rhonda

Jeff with Outlaw and Gator

10-14-12  Got to get away today with a buddy from school. Brandon had a good time. We knocked down 16 and had 10 get away plus around 20 trees where we couldn't get the squirrel to bail or the tree had holes. We got a very good workout from these dogs running us silly.  My friends have learned quickly that squirrel hunting is no walk in the park lol

10-22-12  Got to hunt with Thunder and Kidd for about 45 minutes today.  Let Kidd tree 2 and Thunder tree 3 and headed out because it got dark.

10-23-12  No school Tuesday so a couple of us went hunting. Got to the woods late and dropped Gator out from 9:30-10:30 and treed 15 times. Saw 10, knocked down 8 and a big coon.
We left out to eat lunch and came back and dropped Tennie out from 1-2 and saw 8 and knocked down 6. 3 or 4 den trees where we couldn't find anything (no photo)
Sat around for an hour and started back at 3 and hunted til 5. We knocked down 11 and had 9 more get away plus some dens and big pines where we couldn't get anything to move. Knocked down 8 on Gator and 3 to Tennie. Had some bad luck with Tennie letting a couple get away. Not a bad day with all the leaves on. Saw 38 and knocked down 25 in 4 hours of hunting. Guys from school are learning how I stay in shape without going to the gym

11-8-12  Finally finished up with my midterms and got away for some well deserved time in the woods! I took Thunder and Babe out this afternoon. I was very impressed with Thunder today. I only killed 5 but had 4 more get away and a few trees that still had a bunch of leaves or were big pines. I was pretty much sitting at the truck for a few minutes before I made my way to him then I would sit at the tree and watch him a few more minutes. I had fun watching him. Part of the reason some got away. I usually hustle in to shoot the squirrel and move on.
After hunting Thunder I put Babe out and she got after 4 but finally barked up on one a little but came to me when I jumped into the woods. She went right back to the tree and the squirrel bailed and after I knocked it down it ran and went right into a hole with Babe right on his tail end.  Rotten Luck.  She finally gets a squirrel down to her and it got away dangit...oh well that's how it goes


11-09-12  Friday afternoon we hunted Kidd and Thunder. Knocked down 9 on Kidd very quick and had 3 get away. Thunder got 5 and had 4 get away. Really enjoyed this hunt with 2 nice young dogs. I've really enjoyed training them and watching them grow


Sister being silly

11-10-12  This afternoon we hunted Tennie and Gator. Had a rough hunt...because of the terrain lol and the shooting wasn't that great either. Tennie had 4 get away and Gator had 7 get away. Ended up knocking down 8 on Tennie and 7 on Gator. I'll not say who was shooting and who was missing


11-14-12  Got to hunt the last hour fifteen of daylight. Took Kidd, Thunder and Gator. Made sure I hunted the young ones before Gator got out. Not an impressive tailgate but got some good quick dog work in. Each dog treed 4, had 4 and I knocked down 2 on each. Let some get away shooting some videos. Had some folks after me wanting to see some videos of my dogs so here ya go lol sorry it took so long Chase...technology has its way with me at times.





11-16-12  Got out of school Friday and was able to make a short hunt before heading back to my hometown in Alabama for my brother's bachelor party for Saturday.
Got to the woods late and ran Kidd and Thunder for 45 minutes before putting my pup out for the last 30 minutes of daylight. Kidd treed 5 times, saw 4 and knocked down 3. Thunder treed 4 times, saw 3 and knocked down 2. It is tough finding them alone sometimes and this was one of those times.

11-21-12  Met Jeff Fulghum and his son Jacob today and we hunted together for a little while.  Pictured are Jeff with Rhonda and Jacob with Kidd.

Rhonda treeing

11-22-12 Thanksgiving morning I went by myself a little over an hour with Thunder and got my limit. I should have had it a little quicker. Killed 8 and had 4 get away. He still has a long ways to go in my book but he is making a nice young dog!


Second pic is our hunt after Thanksgiving dinner. Alex did a good job shooting. Only let about 8 get away :whistling:/> I did enjoy finally getting to do the shaking and watching for a change. I love taking my family out with the dogs. My uncle's place has a few squirrels this year and they want them GONE! No one can grow anything because the squirrels eat it all lol.

Kidd did a good job for us. I believe he put 18 on the tailgate for us.

Pictured are my cousins Matthew, Jack Tyler and Alex with Kidd.

11-23-12  I met Willard Crumpton today and picked up Cindy.  Cindy is out of Gator and Wood's Missey and is a littermate to Thunder.  This little female is going to be nice!  She just needs to have some squirrels shot down to her and she will be ready to roll.  I look forward to hunting her and really appreciate Willard for letting me hunt her.

11-25-12  We were invited to hunt with some friends that we have made and the hunting was good!

Had some firsts today.  My nephew Brody shot the 20 gauge for the first time and on his first shot killed his first squirrel!  He was ALL smiles and yelling, "I killed him! I killed him!". 

We were invited by some new friends to go hunting near Tuscaloosa, Alabama on the Sipsey River. Squirrels did not move well but we knocked down a few and had a good number get away. Tried to let Brody kill as many of them as we could.
This area was a great place and I hope to be returning soon! I imagine if one took an older dog into this place and hunted all day you could wipe them out!

Brody and Gator

Thunder and Cindy


Gator and Thunder

Cindy, Kidd and Gator

12-05-12  After our 3rd test of the day we got to slip off to the woods right before dark. Got to hunt 45 minutes. The first tree was a doozie. Thunder went about 300 straight off a cliff lol. It took me and Jim a good while to get there. After that there wasn't much time left but we managed to get 4 before it got dark. One more week til we can really get after em again.

12-06-12  I finishd up my last lab final and headed home for my brother's wedding. Picked up Brody and away we went. I always enjoy Brody going with me.
We hunted these 2 littermates out of Gator x Wood's Missey.
We put Thunder out and he got 4 pretty quick. We have been getting a couple each trip with Cindy...but...
Today the light switch finally flipped on and she went off....or would that be on lol.
She treed 16 and we got 11 down to her!

12-14-12  Jeff Fulghum, Kevin Payne and myself met up for some hunting today.
All we hunted were young dogs. We would rotate them every 2 squirrels or 4 trees---which ever came first.
All of these dogs are less than 2 years old and haven't had a full season of hunting yet. Mainly weekend hunts.

This was the morning hunt. We knocked down 7 but one of Rhonda's got to a hole in a fallen tree. Cindy, Hambone and Rhonda all looked sharp. We had about 8 dens that were pretty hot but didn't have any luck.

This was our afternoon hunt. Kevin didn't make the pic he had to get back to Atlanta to go to a Christmas party.
We knocked down 13 this afternoon. 20 on the day. Not bad for a bunch of young dogs.

Me with Thunder, Kidd and Cindy

Jeff with Outlaw, Hambone and Rhonda

12-15-12  I got to take my Father and nephew today! I always love it when I get my father to go with me.
We had a blast! Daddy runs 5 miles every day and just a few years ago was running marathons. He is in pretty good shape. Today he said the dogs bout wore him out :roflmao: Pretty rough terrain where we were hunting. The dogs were clicking and daddy and Brody had a great time.
I'll always remember this hunt!

Me with Cindy, Brody with Kidd, Daddy with Gator.

12-18-12  Took Cindy out this afternoon little under 2 hours. If we had hunted any longer she would have killed us! Man she can get gone deep QUICK! Cindy + rough terrain = whooped hunters

12-20-12  We got to the woods late and wondered if we should even hunt. The wind was howling on top of the mountain and the trees were bending over and some trees were freshly blown down. We hunted Thunder about 45 minutes. Made 5 trees, saw 4 and knocked down 3 and we called it a day. I was proud of how he did considering the wind. It had to have been blowing 25 mph. I thought it was pretty good for a young dog.

12-22-12  Took Jase hunting today. Jase is my Brother's stepson. This was his first time hunting with a squirrel dog. We treed 7, killed 6 and made 5 dens.

This is Jase's first kill of the day. He killed 4 of the 6 on the tailgate.

12-24-12  The weather has been horrible pretty much my entire break but after today's rain the sun came out so I hit the woods with Thunder for an hour and a half on our family's land. I have a lot of memories squirrel hunting with my granddaddy and daddy out there. Made 12 trees, saw 7, killed 5. Made 3 dens and 2 big trees where I couldn't find anything.

Got to head down to hunt with Lucky Beasley yesterday and today. I had a great time and was fed well. Lucky knows how to treat a Yankee. He said anyone above Macon, GA is a Yankee LOL We had cubed deer steak, rice/gravy, cornbread and turnip greens Thursday night. Tonight we had wild hog, cornbread and turnip greens. Make ya tongue slap ya brain!!!

12-27-12  Thursday we had a pretty good hunt in spite of the wind. The wind was a Whipping! We hunted Thursday afternoon. Road hunted Gator right after lunch and tree about 10 times and found 5 on the outside of the dens. It was tough. After that we hunted two littermates out of McElroy's Smoke x High Oak Tennie. Kidd and Blur. We knocked down 23 for the tailgate. About 10 minutes into the hunt with Blur and Kidd...Kidd let out a god awful chop and Lucky said, "That aint good" lol. Got in to him and he had a hog bayed. Blur was looking on as well. Kidd chased him into a briar patch and Lucky blasted him. He was trying to take care of the hog and I tried to get the dogs out and he yelled for me to bring the shotgun back and had another hunkered down in the briars about 5 feet from him. One weighed 124 lbs and the other 133 lbs.

12-28-12  Next day we hunted the morning and got 18 with Cindy and Blur. No tailgate pic. One of Lucky's boys took them home and they disappeared to a black fella down the street.
This afternoon Mike Powell, Lucky, his son and myself hit the woods with Thunder, Lucky's Sandy and Mike's BB.
We had one heck of a time. These young dogs stayed split treed the entire 3 hours. It was pretty impressive watching the dog work and how they held pressure with all the screaming and shooting. We knocked down 42 this afternoon and 60 on the day. Not bad for a bunch of young dogs! My back was killing me totin all those squirrels around all afternoon.

12-30-12  We hunted Gator and Thunder. Got 9 and had 3 get away and made 5 or 6 den trees. Got some more workout with the dogs getting a little deeper than normal.

12-31-12  This morning we hunted and had pretty rotten luck. Saw 4 and killed 2 to Cindy and made about 10 den trees. Squirrels stayed close. Almost every tree the dogs treed them as if they saw them timber in the hole. I cleaned those 2 after we ate lunch and went back out to the woods again.
We hunted Tennie first and knocked down 3 then put Cindy out the rest of the time and knocked down 7 to her. She did pretty good. Got deep several times up the mountain side and it took me and the boys a while to get to her.

Me with Cindy, nephew Brody in the middle, cousin Alex with Tennie.

Here is Cindy treeing in Alabama

01-02-13  Made a couple of hunts with GreenPanther and his son Trevor. Trevor is 5 and he kept up with us step for step. I was impressed! We hunted Gator and Thunder one run and Gator, Tennie and Thunder another hunt.
We ended up putting plenty in the game bag for the frying pan. Squirrels were wild and flying into their dens before we had a chance to shoot...but...We had a blast!

01-04-13  It was cold all day yesterday and nothing was stirring. Got 7 and probably made close to 20 trees with holes. I guess they actually did stir lol..and went right back home

01-06-13 My little nephew Brody, cousin Alex and myself hit the woods for a little over half an hour in between eating, present opening, and our annual front yard brutal Riverside Super Bowl :roflmao:
We got together later than normal for his Christmas. This year we combined Christmas with his Birthday! 81 years old! Plan on trying to take him road hunting again the next couple of weeks. He loved when I took him last Feb.

Well here is our little hunt...Hollywood Brody had to pose...he is a mess lol

01-07-13  Walked Cindy on the mountain today from 4:00-5:00. Made 7 trees this afternoon and out of curiosity kept up with them on the Garmin --- 100, 155, 185, 195, 190, 235 and 294 yards. She gets out quick. It sure made me miss hunting on the pancake terrain down south :roflmao:
I enjoyed the hunt but I think I'll stick to roading her til I can find more suitable walk hunting land. This place is awful!

01-13-13  Hunted yesterday afternoon. Watched a few get away and injured one right before dark and couldn't find it. Man it was warm and very humid yesterday. Not very fun hunting conditions.


Here are a couple of hunts from this past weekend with the Mullis boys.
I was invited to hunt with them again and had a blast! Sunday Kris Mullis, Jeremy Mullis and his wife and two boys went hunting on their farm. We had a really good time even though the hunting was tough. The kids all got to shoot squirrels. Some got away but the boys had fun blasting. We hunted Gator and Tennie that morning and Gator and Thunder that evening.

Kris, Dalton and Morgan

After the hunt on Sunday I was invited to stay again and hunt today. It was just Kris and myself. We had a good time. I was the pack mule and vine puller and Kris was the lead slinger. We hunted Cindy and his Babe female and had a good time. We didn't hunt as long as planned because I ran over or hit something with one of my tires out in the woods and spent a good bit of time changing it out.

Kris is a tough kid! He went with me all day Saturday at the Atfa hunt helping on the casts as a spectator and then hunted Saturday and Sunday and kept up the entire time. I believe he would squirrel hunt every day and coon hunt every night and deer hunt in between the morning and afternoon squirrel hunts!
He is a hunting machine!!!

Kris with Cindy and Babe

I would like to thank the Mullis family for inviting me back this year. I had lots of fun! They are top notch folks!

01-25-13  Friday I took Cindy for a quick round right before dark. Not much was stirring. Made 6 trees and found these on the outside. Other trees were dens.

01-26-13  Saturday I slept in and then called my buddy from school, Brandon Hard, and we hit the woods. Almost got his girlfriend to go but she backed out.  We hunted right under 2 hours. All 3 dogs looked really sharp when it was their turn to go. Made 17 trees and found 12 on the outside and knocked down 11. Lots of action. Pretty much half the squirrels we got were on the outside of dens laying on a limb and the other half were headed towards a den...they were wild!

01-27-13  Finally got these 2 to the woods. Taylor Stanford and Aaron Herndon. I go to school with their wives and have been trying to get them in the woods. I think they're hooked! Had a good time. I told them next hunt would be better.  Knocked down 12 on a slow day.

01-29-13  Slipped off this afternoon and had a nice hunt. Cindy Showed me 12 and I knocked down 5 to her. 4 of them got away early because I was watching her tree for 10 or so minutes and letting them timber on her. 3 others just bailed before I could get into shooting distance. They were wild for sure! Cindy is coming along nicely but still has a long ways to go to make a squirrel dog.

02-06-13  Tennie and Cindy are possessed when it comes to squirrels!  Went this afternoon after class. Had a good hunt. Knocked down 10 and made 5 or 6 den trees. Beautiful day today!

02-13-13  Terrorized the squirrels...well...not today LOL
Met up this afternoon with Jeremy Gunter. Man was it a rough day for squirrel hunting but we still had fun. We drove a good while and only made 9 trees. In the picture are Cindy and Jeremy's dog Lulu. Put 5 on the tailgate and had 2 get away. Knocked down 1 to Gator and 2 each to Lulu and Cindy. The dogs hunted hard and did well for the conditions. Next time we will have better conditions and make them pay.  Jeremy's dog Lulu looked good. She is nice!

02-09-13  My cousins Alex, Lance and myself hunted at my uncle's place. Man what a workout. We could hardly make it up the mountainside to the last 3 trees. Had a couple get away. Got 5 down to Tennie, 4 to Gator and 4 to Cindy. They all looked good. Squirrels did not cooperate real well but we had fun! Always fun hunting with family!!! 

02-18-13  Took a trip down to South Ga for the ATFA Georgia Regional Hunts at Cedar Crossings. I had a great time at the hunt put on by Gilbert Wommack and crew.
After the hunt I stayed an extra day and had one action packed day!
We got up Sunday morning and sat around with Lucky and his family and ate breakfast. Around 10 or so I went with Lucky to check all of his going ons. We set out and checked some work he was doing for a neighbor and then set off and hunted rattlesnakes for about an hour. Didn't find any but can see how it would be fun. Sure was hoping to catch one. After that we checked a hog trap and it had been set off by piglets and they got out. We were about to leave and Lucky looked down into a bog running down the power line and spotted a couple of hogs. He shot it but it ran into some of thickest mess I've seen in a while with water pretty high. Lucky disappeared into the jungle and came out 45 minutes later looking like a lion had gotten hold of him. He had gotten within shooting distance several times but it was so thick he couldn't lift his gun. We called his son and bro-in-law who had hog dogs to help us out. While on the phone with them we checked another place and had 10 in one trap. 2 small piglets escaped but 8 remained. Went into town for some lunch hen hustled back.
The crew was waiting and we turned the dogs loose to track the injured hog. Had it in no time at all. On the way out the dogs got on a huge boar hog. Must have run it a couple miles. We got to the dogs and everyone was down in another swamp and we got there behind them and saw he hog come running out. I took a shot at it but either hit a bad spot or missed. We left them to the hog hunting and took off to the woods for some squirrel hunting about an hour before dark. Made about 15 trees and got 7 on the outside. Got back to the house for some wild turkey, peas and squash.
A very fun weekend! I'd like to thank Lucky and his family for putting up with me a few days. This man needs his own TV show

Lucky setting his traps

Hogs for the day

Afternoon round with Blur and Gator. 

Little E and Big Gun Gunter
Ethan and Gregory

02-20-13  Met up with Jeremy Gunter (LittleBubbas) and his boys again for another rough February hunt.
Not only were the conditions bad but the State of Alabama thought it was a great idea to burn the National Forest the last few days of squirrel season.
We spent good pieces of the afternoon looking for places that we could hunt lol. Oh well being in the woods is fun no matter what! Knocked down some squirrels to Lulu and Cindy. These boys can let the lead fly!!!

02-22-13  Headed to the woods this afternoon...however...didn't get to hunt but an hour. Got stuck in traffic. Love how traffic flows around here lol...stop at green lights, go at red lights and slow down to 25 mph in a 70 zone to stare at the newest traffic violation.
Anyways...got 4, had one get away and made 5 den trees.

02-23-13  Jeff Fulghum and I took a bunch of wild Indians to the woods today for a couple of hours. There was more shooting than at the OK Corral. I believe every squirrel got shot at least 6 times.  I believe everyone of the older boys shot one and the 2 young ones threw rocks and jumped into creeks!  Pictured are Lance, Alex, Brody, Jacob, Matthew and Grant.

02-28-13  I took this afternoon for the last hunt of the season with a special person...my Grandmother. She really enjoyed watching Cindy run down the road, tree then bring the squirrel back to the truck.. and also enjoyed watching me go 200 yards straight up the mountainside and come back drenched with sweat. She got some good laughs watching me hustle to the tree only to find it full of holes!
I got 5 down to her and had 2 get away...at least 7 or 8 den trees.
My Grandmother loves watching my squirrel dogs. She said, "I cannot believe those dogs can smell a squirrel from that far away and I cannot believe you and your friends walk that far up a mountain to shoot at them." :roflmao:
She will be 80 in April and I am so thankful to still have her and that she is on such good health!