2011-2012 Season Pictures 

Well the season is finally over and what a GREAT season it was this go around. Got to hunt with some really nice dogs and even better people....was able to introduce a good many to the sport of squirrel hunting with dogs...and also got to take some family members out hunting and make some life long memories. This season my dogs were hunted in 5 different states and all kinds of terrain.  From the flat land of South GA to the Ozarks of the Midwest...these dogs did it everywhere!
I really enjoyed training Gator, Kidd and Ringo this season. A real joy to watch these 3 dogs grow...Especially Gator.

Gator has developed into one of the finest, if not THE finest, squirrel dogs I have ever had the pleasure to follow in the woods. I believe we killed around 400 over Gator alone this season and it is only his first season of hunting! I would like to thank Willard Crumpton for allowing me the pleasure of hunting such a fine dog

08-20-11 Opening weekend hunt in Georgia with my buddy Seth from school. We had a pretty good hunt considering the conditions. Was it hot and is it thick! Hard to find anything. Had 3 or 4 get away from us and made about 10 trees where we couldn't see 10 feet above our heads. But it beats sitting on the couch! :thumbup:
Seth's wife was disappointed we did not clean the squirrels in her kitchen sink lol

08-27-11  Been going in the mornings to avoid the heat. This was our hunt from Saturday morning. My buddy Kevin from school wanted to start going. He hasn't been hunting at all since he moved down from Michigan last year. Kevin knocked down 3 and we had 5 get away. Made a 5 or 6 more trees where we couldn't see to find the squirrel or had a hole.

08-28-11 Sunday morning we went out again and had a pretty good hunt for August. We knocked down 4 and let around the same get away. And like Saturday's hunt we made some more trees where we couldn't see good enough to find anything or either the trees had holes in them.


09-03-11 Went out this past weekend one morning before the storms hit and got to slip away for a quick hunt yesterday as well. Still thick with leaves and nothing was stirring but yesterday was nice and cool for a change! Took Gator and Tennie out and had a good time. Let 4 or 5 get away but knocked down 6.

Finally getting access to a computer to post some photos from my trip out to Arkansas/Missouri.
Here are a few of the hunting pictures I took while I was out there...

First hunt I went on was with Bill Douglas and James "The Living Legend" Quick.
The picture is of Bill Douglas with Tennie and Quick's Toby. Quick hunted with us that morning but had to leave go watch his grandkid play volleyball. We actually looked at around 20 that the dogs treed and knocked down 11.
3 magically disappeared for some reason.


2nd Picture is of Charlie Moore along with Tennie and Gator. Bill Douglas and I met David and Charlie Moore for a morning hunt. We had a good time and a good hunt. Charlie had fun shooting at these squirrels. We knocked down 8 and had about the same get away plus some den trees. Tough hunting with the leaves thick but still better than sitting at the house. I told you I'd make ya famous Charlie!


3rd Picture is of Tony Kellar along with Gator, Whitey and Tennie. Whitey is a BULLET! I don't see how she doesn't kill herself running that fast. Had a good time until I got into seed ticks. Luckily Tony had some Adam's Flea and Tick Shampoo that I could bathe with. What a good friend lol


Kevin Harrell loves riding with Tennie haha


White Squirrel


Harrell's Radar (Horseshoe Mountain Champ Jr. x Quick's Amy)

Last picture is of Kevin Harrell along with Radar Jr, Radar, Gator and Tennie. Had a bunch knocked down and a bunch get away. Had a good time hunting with Kevin. He is a good fella no matter what Jeff Oxford says.

I would like to thank Bill Douglas, Tony Kellar and Kevin Harrell for hauling me around Arkansas and Missouri for a week. I would also like to thank "The Living Legend" for allowing me to be in his presence! I had a great time and look forward to getting out that ways again for some more hunting and good times.

10-02-11  Brody and I went out for a hunt that was shortened by the wind kicking up.  We hunted about 45 minutes and then quit and came in to watch some football.  We knocked down 2, saw 3 and made 3 more trees where we couldn't find anything because of the leaves or holes.

10-15/16-11  Took my little nephew out hunting this past weekend. Brody started an acorn collection... He couldn't believe how many acorns would fall out of the trees while shooting at squirrels. He would say, "It's raining acorns!"
We had a good time. I just enjoy taking him out. His favorite part was after I shot a squirrel down and it started running on the ground and tried to climb a tree. It got about 6 feet off the ground and Tennie jumped up and snatched him off the tree. He talked about it the rest of the time hunting lol


10-22-11 Saturday my friend Seth got to leave the wife and kid at home and make a trip with me to meet up with Jeff Beam and Darrell Mays (aka Corn lol) for some private land hunting one of Corn's buddies let us hunt. Jeff brought his neighbor Evan and Corn brought his son Hunter. We hunted Jeff's dog Chico along with Tennie and Gator that morning and in the evening we cut loose Dusty, Chico, Tennie and Gator. We had a lot of fun, got one heck of a workout and got to do a lot of shooting. Several times I just watched because it was pretty funny watching all those guns go off once the squirel started bailing out. The dogs stayed split treed most of the day making it difficult to knock them all down. A good many got away from us. Total we knocked down 24 and we saw around 35-40. I believe everyone slept well that night.

10-23-11 Sunday afternoon I met up with Nick Rutherford and his girlfriend Brittany. We had a good time. We hunted Nick's dog out of Britches named Cricket along with Tennie and Gator. We knocked down 11, had a few get away and made several trees with holes in them. Nick's girlfriend can shoot pretty good and when the two of us struggled she let us know about it LOL  I really enjoyed watching Cricket and how she has turned into a nice squirrel dog.  Nick has done a nice job with her.  He is exactly the kind of person you want a pup going to if you want it to make a squirrel dog.  He hunts hard and gives them a chance.  

10-26-11  Classes were cancelled today so I took off back to Alabama to surprise my nephew and take him hunting for the afternoon.  We knocked down 8 that Tennie treed and had 2 more get away and also made some den trees.  We had a pretty good hunt and as always...had fun!  I always enjoy taking Brody to the woods.  Doesn't matter if we get anything it's always entertaining with him in the truck.

Nice afternoon hunt with some friends.  Squirrels were moving very well.  Both dogs looked very good and had some nice dog work...and nice shooting LOL

10-29-11  Me and my buddy Seth went for an afternoon hunt with Tennie and Gator.  We had a pretty fair hunt considering the conditions.  It was extremely windy but the dogs managed to locate fairly well.  We knocked down 8 and had several more get away.  The leaves aren't quite down enough to find them all so we left a few up some trees I am pretty sure because we couldn't see into the trees enough to find anything.

10-30-11  Managed to get away for another afternoon hunt with Tennie and Gator.  The dogs did a good job locating even with the wind still kicking up and we did a pretty good job of finding them.  Knocked down 15* (one is in Gator's tummy) and had several more get away.  We mostly hunted Gator to give him the opportunity to tree in various conditions.  He did very well while the wind was blowing and also the last hour after the wind had died down.  He is making a nice dog considering this is his first season.  We knocked down 9 over Gator and had a few more of his get away.  He even ate one young squirrel that we knocked down to him LOL.  This was not a bad afternoon hunt considering the leaves are still clinging to the trees.

11-19-11  Grant and I took Tennie and Gator out for a windy afternoon hunt and knocked down 10 and had 10 get away from us.  Squirrels were pretty wild and it was not the best of conditions because of the wind but the dogs did pretty well considering.

11-20-11  Made another hunt with Grant and we had a good time.  He got to do plenty of shooting.  Not pictured is my little nephew Brody.  He had some early Thanksgiving deal to attend.  Grant got to knock down his very first fox squirrel.  I plan to have it mounted for him.

11-26-11  picture is of a hunt I made out in Missouri with Kevin Harrell along with Dave Moore and his son Charley. We hunted Kevin's dogs Horseshoe Mtn Sammie and Radar. We also hunted Dave and Charley's dog Booger. I took Tennie and Gator. 3 young dogs that we hunted were Kevin's JR and two young dogs of mine named Kidd and Ringo.
We had a good time in spite of the poor weather. Charley got to knock down most of the squirrels. I believe we knocked down 14 and had 4 or 5 get away from us.
Charley is on the tailgate with their dog Booger.
On the ground -- from L-R -- is Horseshoe Mtn Sammie, Tennie and Gator.  Not pictured are Radar, JR, Kidd and Ringo.

12-03-11  Made a morning hunt with my friend Jeff Beam and Jon Perkins.   It was tough morning hunt in bad wind and made a ton of den trees. Hunted in pretty poor conditions but the dogs got treed and we found what was not in den trees. Jon is holding his young female out of Britches x Wynn's Molly. She did a great job considering the conditions. Jon you have a fine young female!

Next photo was our afternoon hunt.  Hunted with Jeff Beam that afternoon.  Our friend Evan was at Jeff's house and wanted to be in the picture.

12-04-11  Got a call from Darrell Mays (aka Korn) and we went hunting Sunday afternoon and had a good time.  Hunted Tennie and Gator.
This was a very fun hunt filled with lots of running.  We knocked down 12 I believe and also got a swamp rabbit on the way to one of the trees. He ran right up to me as if he was ready to go to that great briar patch in the sky.  The dogs did a good job even with it being windy out.  They stayed split treed most of the hunt.

12-09-11  Afternoon hunt with my buddy Seth Warner and Gator. We had a good time and got to take out some stress from finals week on these poor squirrels lol. Seth really enjoyed this hunt but made me get in the picture haha.  Gator is making a nice squirrel dog.  I really enjoy hunting with him.

12-10-11  Managed to make an afternoon run with two friends from school...Kevin Payne and John Strole. This was John's first time hunting with squirrel dogs. I let them do all the shooting and they quickly learned how fast a squirrel can get away.  Managed to knock down 10 and some of those were adventures that covered some ground because of the...ah hmm...excellent shooting skills haha.  I believe both of these fellas slept very well that night after the workout they got from hunting!

12-15-11  Finished my last final for the quarter and immediately hit the woods.  Hunted Gator a little over an hour and knocked down 7 to him.  It was good to get back in the woods and I am ready to stay there for the next few weeks during my break.

12-20-11  Took a trip to hunt with my friend Lucky Beasley and his son.  We hunted Lucky's female named Sandy and Gator and Tennie.  We had a very nice hunt knocking down 29.  The dogs stayed split treed the entire time...sometimes only 10 steps away from each other with each dog having it's own squirrel.  All 3 dogs looked very good this day. I had a really good time and really appreciate Lucky and his family allowing me to stay with them and treating me so well.  I felt as if I was at home and that feeling cannot be beat!  I look forward to making it on another hunt with Lucky during this break.

12-23-11  Took my 2 young cousins Alex and Grant out for some hunting before Christmas. We had a good time. Always enjoy taking these young men fishing or hunting.
I didn't take a gun on these hunts. I was just a squirrel locator and vine puller.

This was our morning hunt. The squirrels really didn't move much. We knocked down 9 and had a couple get away.


This was our afternoon. 24 squirrels. We had a good day considering the weather. These boys really let the lead fly!

12-26-11  Made a quick 20 minute round with my pup named Kidd out of Tennie x McElroy's Smoke.  He treed 2 pretty quickly and then the wind began to pick up so I decided to put him up while he was still excited.

12-28/12-29-11  Made a trip down to South Georgia with my friend Lucky Beasley for some squirrel hunting.  I sure had fun.  I hunted 2 days with Lucky and Mike Powell.  We killed some squirrels and had fun...which is what matters most.

Lucky and Mike had a nice squirrel skinner that made it easy to clean squirrels.  We had it in the woods with us and cleaned the squirrels after each little round and put them on ice.  I gotta get one of those!

Lucky fired up for the afternoon hunt!  haha

Gator and Mike's BB after an afternoon hunt.  BB is a nice young female and a littermate to Lucky's Sandy.  This is a nice cross!  Both BB and Sandy are nice young dogs!

Very large coon that Gator treed.  We left this one up there.  He was so big he might have whooped every dog below and us haha

Gator treed!

Gator and Mike's Honey after a morning round.  Honey is the mother of Sandy and BB.

Mike and Lucky with some of the morning game.


This is Lucky's pup named Blur out of Tennie x McElroy's Smoke and his first squirrel.  Blur is starting to put things together.


Lucky fired up once again for another afternoon hunt!

Me and Lucky after the afternoon hunt.  Lucky holding Sandy and Blur and I am holding Gator and Tennie.

12-30-11  Went to my Granddaddy's place today for a short run with Kidd.  He treed 5 times, I saw 3, and knocked down 2.

01-01-12  This was a morning hunt with James Quick out in Arkansas.  The wind was very rough but we managed to tree some squirrels.  We knocked down 2 each to Gator and Toby and one down to my pup Kidd.  We had 3 get away from us.  James sure is a fun guy to hunt with and listen to while hunting.  THE LIVING LEGEND!


01-01-12  This was an afternoon hunt with Kidd out in Arkansas.  I was staying with Bill Douglas.  That morning I hunted with James Quick in bad wind and Kidd treed a squirrel really good that we got to knock down on him.  That afternoon James had to go see his father so I went to the woods by myself.  James had given me directions to a place but I got lost due to a road sign being down.  After driving 30 minutes the wrong way I finally realized there weren't any woods where I was heading so I turned around and found my way back to the right spot.  I had about an hour of daylight after wasting all that time so I just decided to hunt Kidd.  Well in less than an hour he had treed 9 times and I found 7 of them.  Not bad for a 9 month old pup that just treed his first squirrel a couple weeks ago!  A nice start to the New Year!

01-02-12  This was a hunt with Willard Crumpton, Bill Douglas and James Quick.   The wind was kicking up around 15-20 mph and it was Tough!  We managed to knock down 3 to Gator and made quite a few den trees.  James's Toby dog treed 3 as well but James and Bill cannot hit the broad side of a barn so they came up empty handed haha.  Here is Willard with Gator.  I believe Willard was proud of him!

01-06-12  Took Kidd and Jock out for an all day hunt.  The pups did pretty good and we got 7.  Kidd and Jock are just 9 months old.  They are out of the cross I made with Tennie and Danny McElroy's Smoke.  So far this seems to be a pretty nice cross.

01-07-12  This was a morning round with Brandon Cole and his friend Jason.  Brandon is with Gator, his dog Nikki on the box and Doc is Jason and Brandon's dog.  We had a pretty good run walk hunting the hills of Alabama.  Man were we sweating.  It was a pretty warm morning and the dogs were treeing a good many den trees so we got to do some walking.  Managed to get 6 and had a couple more get away from us.  Nikki is out of Horseshoe Mtn Champ Jr x Quick's Amy.  Doc is out of Little River Spud x Wood's Missy.  All of these dogs are from the same blood and it is really reproducing squirrel dogs!

That afternoon I hunted with Adam Walker and his daughter but forgot to take a tailgate picture.  Adam has the only pup out of Tennie x Little River Spud.  We got 5 in the afternoon switching out his dog Shadow, and my 3...Gator, Kidd and Jock.


01-13-12  This was a short afternoon hunt with Kidd.  Got out of class and hit the woods for a quick run and Kidd treed 3 and I knocked down 2 to him.  He did well and I was pleased with how he performed.  He has just turned 10 months old.  Still just a pup.

01-15-12  Hit the woods with some friends from school.  The first picture is of Kidd and Jock.  These two 10 month old pups did well for us.  The 2nd picture is of our total for the day with Kidd and Jock.  3rd picture is of total with Gator and Tennie.  We hunted from 7:30-9:15 in the morning and stopped to talk to a nice fella hunting with his grandson.   Randy Ball and Lucas...nice to meet you! 

That afternoon we hunted Tennie and Gator from 1-3 and then switched out to the pups around 3-4:30.  It was a nice day and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Below is my buddy Seth looking for Gator's Squirrel.

01-16-12 Monday I was free for the holiday and got invited by Jim Davidoff to go with him and his friends and also David's daughter and friend for a hunt. The morning we hunted around some cow pastures on a farm and did ok. The land owner did not want us shooting any of the fox squirrels after the first one and of course we treed some and couldn't knock them down. Had a few get away and made a bunch of den trees.

These were our shooters and if there ever is a war I know who I want on my side LOL These young girls were deadly.
Marie and Brandi (Jim's daughter) and also Brandi's little Barger pup Elli Mae

That afternoon the girls had dance practice so Jim, Wally Davidson and Billy Adcock took me to a nice creek bottom to hunt and did they get a workout lol. We put 23 on the tailgate for the day. All 3 used .22's and were competing against each other to shoot the squirrels first. One would be aiming and you'd hear another rifle go off and laughter. I had a blast watching these fellas shoot these squirrels and cut up with each other. I really enjoyed the hunt!

01-22-12 After the Rally hunt at Dexter Me Jim Allen and Kevin Harrell were invited to hunt with the Mullis Brothers and a friend of theirs Leah. We hunted that morning with Tennie and Gator and Jim's two pups. Jim and Kevin left after an hour or so and headed back to the midwest. We saw a good many squirrels and the Mullis boys let the lead fly shooting those .22s! It sounded like WW3 when those squirrels started running!

First picture is the morning hunt. Jeremy said that the squirrels were not moving good at all. I would love to see them when they are lol

Jeremy, Christopher and Leah with Tennie and Gator after the morning hunt. We knocked down 23. Nick was taking some pictures of his brothers and Leah as well so he wasn't in the picture. Nick was our guide yesterday when the bottom fell out and all you know what broke loose from above.

That afternoon I took Christopher out with Tennie and Gator. He used a single shot .410 and I shook vines. I was drenched with sweat and soaked from the misting rain.  We got 8 and Chris had fun and that is all that mattered. Nothing like taking a kid hunting and watching them shoot. This kid is a HARDCORE hunter and keeps going like the energizer bunny. He keeps up a lot better than some grownups.

Nick cut his brothers head off in this shot but it's the only picture I had. Left my camera at home

I would like to thank the Mullis Brothers for taking us hunting and showing us a good time down at Dexter.  We really enjoyed ourselves and thank them for their hospitality! 

01-25-12  This afternoon we left the older dogs at home and took my pups out of Tennie and Smoke to the woods for some hunting...Jock, Ringo and Kidd. These pups are 10 months old and doing pretty well for their age. We made 14 trees, saw 11 and knocked down 9. If our shooting had been a little quicker we would have gotten the other 2 down. Also made 3 dens with no luck finding them on the outside. The hunt was a lot of fun and has been a lot of fun watching this litter develop.

Ringo Treed

Ringo Treed again





I got to do some hunting with some friends and my pups this weekend and had lots of fun. These pups have been fun to hunt and watch grow. They get better and better each trip to the woods. They are tough LOL I have hunted some pretty rough terrain and held out for 3 straight days of action. The 3 pups are out of Tennie x McElroy's Smoke. They are about as tight Champ breeding as you could get. I think we made a pretty decent cross.

01/27/12 --- Friday Afternoon Hunt Had several get away and made quite a few den trees.






01/28/12 --- Saturday Hunts We watched a good many get into holes

Ringo, Kidd and Jock



Tommy Worthy and his grandson Hunter. Tommy grew up with my dad and wanted to go and we will probably go again. He enjoyed himself.


01/29/12 --- Sunday Hunts Made a ton of den trees and had a few that we watched get away into holes








Kidd did this in the last hour Sunday afternoon


Hunted Gator at 12:00-12:45 and made 7 trees (3 dens). I believe they were all layups. Every tree he made was a den and these just happened to be on the outside.

Gator Treed

02-04-12  I went to Leeds, AL and stayed with my sister and nephew for the weekend and took Brody hunting.  The hunting has gotten tough with typical February hunts full of making den trees and squirrels bailing out before you can get a shot at them.  We managed to knock down 7 and had several get away and made at least 10 den trees.  It was rough on the pups having all those squirrels get into dens and not getting the meat down to them.

Brody with Gator and Ringo

Brody with Jock and Kidd

Brody with Gator.  We hunted gator from 1-2 and knocked down 4 to him.  It was hot, humid and not good conditions for squirrel hunting but Gator did fine and we found some for him.  He made a couple of den trees as well.  Rough.


Somtimes it ain't all about hunting

02-12-12  Randy Mabe of North Carolina came down to try out Jock and ended up buying him.  Considering the conditions it was a miracle to tree any squirrels.  This day the morning temperature was 16 degrees and the afternoon before was in the 30's with the wind blowing 20-30 mph.  Every tree in the woods was swaying back and forth.  Jock treed 1 Saturday and it jumped out of the top of a pretty big pine and got away.  That was the only squirrel we looked at and we rotated Jock,  Kidd, Ringo and Gator.  Sunday morning Jock treed these 2.  I hunted Gator, Kidd, Ringo and Jock and these were the only 2 we treed all morning.  Absolutely rough squirrel hunting.  The weather had the squirrel movement all screwed up.

02-12-12  Had a better afternoon today with Kidd and Ringo.  The morning was cold and rough but once it warmed up it seemed the squirrels stirred just a little.  Still made a bunch of den trees but that is better than not treeing at all.  Managed to knock down 5 (1 fell down and crawled into a hole in the ground) put 4 on the tailgate and made about 7 den trees.

02-16-12  Got out of class today and made a quick round with Kidd and Ringo.   Got to hunt about an hour and a half and made 9 trees and saw 7 squirrels.  Ringo made 2 den trees full of holes.  Both pups did a good job.  I knocked down 4 to Kidd and 3 to Ringo.

02-17-12  This was a short afternoon hunt with Ringo and Kidd.  Squirrels did not move all that much but the dogs each got to tree some squirrels.  I sure have enjoyed these pups out of Tennie.

02-18-12  This was by far my most favorite hunt of the season.  Finally got my Daddy, Steve, to go with me and Brody.  The forecast called for bad wind and rain but we weathered the storm lol.  Poppa got to do plenty of shooting on the hunt.  We knocked down 21 total and had around 6 or 7 get away.  All of the dogs got in on the action.

Brody and my Dad with Ringo, Tennie and Gator after the morning hunt.  Knocked down 12 and let a couple get away.  Gator put on a show for my dad and he thought Gator was awesome.  Treed 8 pretty quick with The Beast and got in plenty of shooting.   Ringo and Tennie got 2 each.


Me, Brody and Daddy with Tennie and Ringo after the afternoon.  21 total and let 6 or 7 get away.


Me, Brody and Daddy with Kidd and Gator.


Ringo Treed in the rain.  We watched this squirrel go right into a hole before Ringo ever got to the tree.

Ringo again.

02-20-12  Made a quick hour hunt with the two pups.  Ringo and Kidd made 10 trees total.  Saw 5, made 5 den trees and knocked down 4.




02-22-12  Got to the woods late this morning. Around 9:45, little over 3 hours after daylight. Pups did pretty good. Got to hunt about 45 minutes and then headed back to class. Went back for about 35 minutes before it got dark and hunted a little more. Knocked down 5 to the pups during those hunts and saw 3 more that got away and made 8 more den trees. The squirrels were pretty wild and heading straight for dens or jumping out of the tops of trees all the way to the ground as I walked to the dogs. Dogs did their part...I couldn't pull off mine on some of them. The pups are really coming along nicely. Seems to be a pretty nice cross.

02-24-12  Made a short afternoon hunt with Kidd and Ringo.  Both dogs treed 6 times each.  I saw 8 and knocked down 4.  Squirrels were pretty wild getting into dens.


02-25-12  Got to make a great memory this weekend and take my 80 year old granddaddy hunting with me. I took him road hunting up in the mountains. The squirrels did not move all that well til right before dark but he had a blast. He said just looking at the scenery was worth the trip. I showed him a few places that were so steep you might get killed if you slipped. He couldn't believe all that terrain was so close to home. He had never been up there before. I got to hear a good many stories while we were riding...of good dogs and dogs that didn't last too long LOL

He really couldn't get over how the dogs could run in front of a truck that long and not get tired. Whenever a dog would tree I would take off, pop the squirrel out and the dog would bring it to the truck. He would ask me if I got him and where the dog was and when he finally would see the dog coming out of the woods with the squirrel he would just say "great goodness" and laugh. My grandfather found a few squirrels and I think he really enjoyed himself. He really liked my pup, Kidd, calling him a race horse :roflmao:

I have a picture that I hope I can get scanned of my very first squirrel hunt. My cousin and I were 5 years old and went with my 2 uncles and granddaddy. I remember it very well because my cousin and I got very wet in a little creek lol

02-26-12  Knocked down 9 this afternoon to Gator and Ringo.  Ringo is making a nice squirrel dog.  He has a very good nose and can wind a squirrel.  Not bad for a pup not even a year old.  Tennie and Kidd had a rough go.  Every single tree they made the squirrel either got away or it was a den tree.