Well another season has come and gone and what a great season it was.  I was able to make plenty of hunts this season with a lot of good friends and family.  I met some new friends and got to get up with some old ones for some hunts.  We had a new addition to our kennel....Tennie.  She really performed well for us.  Tennie and Dusty both had really good seasons.  I will have to say that this was a great year.  Here are some photos from some of the hunts we went on this season.  I hope you enjoy them because we sure enjoyed the hunts that made them.  Looking forward to next season already.  See you in the woods!


10-02-10  This was our first hunt of the season. My cousin Grant and I hunted with my friend Jeff Beam and his son Hunter and had a good time. We hunted Jeff's dog named Chico along with Dusty and Tennie. The dogs did really well for being out of shape and hunting in the heat. I cannot say the same for us LOL...we allowed somewhere between 15-20 squirrels to get away. They were wild! As soon as we would see them they would bail and be 4 or 5 trees over before we could get another look at them. But our shooting was horrible even if the leaves are still thick.
We also lost 4 or 5 out of our bags out in the woods. We put 15 on the tailgate and probably killed close to 20. Should have had a lot more but that's how it goes. Wild and fun hunt, sore shoulders and tired boys.  Great way to open the 2010-2011 squirrel season!

10-10-10 This is a hunt with Nick Rutherford and his dog Bingo. We also met some new friends and took them hunting for around an hour or so this morning.

The first picture is after hunting a little over an hour with our new friends (L-R) Joseph, Scott and John. I am on the far left with Tennie. We killed 5 in that short hunt but also let 4 or 5 get away and also made several trees where we couldn't find anything. We gave them all to our new friends and they really enjoyed the hunt and the reward lol. Scott was happy to get the squirrels and immediately started talking about how good they would be.
The dogs are Tennie, Bingo and Dusty. Bingo and Dusty are both out of the Sport x Cricket cross. The squirrels sort of blend in with the grass where we took the picture before these guys had to split and go back home.

The next picture is after our afternoon hunt. Bingo was excluded from the tailgate photo due to a run-in with Pepe-le-pew!  Man Bingo really took a shot to the face as we were making our way back to the truck. It stunk worse than a room full of bean eating contestants!
We took 16 total on the day and let about the same get away in the leaves. Those things disappear quickly this time of year!
Nick and I had a good time and enjoyed all the shooting and fun in the woods...even the skunk....At least I enjoyed that last one as I was not near when it sprayed Bingo haha

10-11-10  I talked my sister, Jill, into going road hunting with me today. My little nephew is always ready but having my sister go was a treat. We only hunted a little under an hour and killed 8. Jill and Brody had a really good time.
Jill knocked down 2 of these and was really proud of herself LOL. Brody shook little trees around where Tennie would tree and would yell when he'd see the squirrel and have a time. I had the most fun watching them.

After the hunt my sister said, "Next time you go road hunting I am going with you! That was FUN!"
This was only my second time to ever road hunt. I like it a lot but not as much as walking through the woods. But it is something that kids and family can enjoy without having to go walking for 2 hours. I'd like to thank Jeff Oxford once again for this fine dog. I'm not the only one enjoying her

10-16-10  This was a really fine hunt with Jeff Beam and his girlfriend. She enjoys shaking vines and finding them. Unbelievable!
We took Jeff's dog out of William's Bud named Chico and my two dogs; Dusty and Tennie.
We hunted a couple hours this morning and started off slow but finished up with a good hunt. We knocked down 10 and let several more get away.

This afternoon we hunted again for a few hours and managed to knock down 13 more to brind our total to 23. This is the final tailgate shot with Jeff, Chico, Dusty, Tennie and myself. Couldn't get Jeff's gal to get in either picture. We wouldn't have found all of these if it had not been for her keeping an eye out and helping us find them.
We were 1 short of the 3 man limit of 24. The dogs did really well and kept us busy during both hunts split treeing. Ol Dusty put on a show for us today. The dogs gave us a good workout and we, the humans were all 3 whooped! LOL Glad to be back on the couch watching football.

10-23-10  Saturday I took a couple hunting trips with several friends and their dogs.
Saturday morning I took off with Doug Wooten and Nick Rutherford and his dog Bingo for a morning hunt. We hunted Bingo, Dusty and Tennie. The squirrels were not stirring real good but the dogs worked hard for what we saw. We knocked down 10 squirrels and Dusty a coon. We also had 5 squirrels get away.

Saturday afternoon I went with Roger Wynn and his grandson Taylor. We hunted Molly, Dusty and Tennie. Dusty did not make the picture....long story lol.
Again the squirrels did not move real good and couple that with the dry weather and the dogs did about as good as we could ask. We knocked down 10 and had a few more get away. Overall it was pretty good day considering how dry it is and it was pretty windy that afternoon. It's always fun hunting with friends and squirrel dogs.


10-24-10  My nephew, Brody, and I took Tennie for a short road hunt yesterday afternoon. Man it was hot, humid and a little too windy---but fun. We hunted a little under an hour. Made 5 trees and knocked down 3. Should have had 4 if not for my little buddy getting tangled up in a briar patch!  Brody hung right in there running up and down the mountain side to the trees. A fun hunt with my #1 Buddy!!!

10-29-10  I took my nephew Brody road hunting today with Tennie for about an hour and a half at my uncle's place in Alabaster, AL. We made 10 trees, saw 8 and bagged 7. I shot the 8th squirrel but he got in a hole. Tennie ran Brody and I up the mountain the entire hunt. The little boy kept up with me pretty good. I always enjoy taking Brody to the woods. I believe he really enjoys himself. Whenever he hears a slight bark he takes off in that direction and goes right to shaking vines or anything else he can find and yells..."do ya see'im uncle Andy?" I hope all of these hunts make a lasting impression on him and give him some good memories...because having him out there with me sure has given me some good ones!!!

10-31-10  Went hunting on Halloween with my buddy Jeff Beam and his girlfriend Carolyn. We had a really good hunt as far as dog work is concerned. We hunted Tennie and Jeff's dog Chico and they stayed split treed ALL DAY!  We had a pretty tough time finding squirrels and then knocking them down because we were always split up as a group several hundred yards apart each tree and we were in really thick woods. Let 7 or 8 get away and made a bunch of trees where we couldn't see over our heads it was so thick in the underbrush and knocked down 13.
:yikes: Lucky 13 on Halloween :yikes:
Overall we had a good hunt. I always enjoy hunting with Jeff. We have a good time with an empty game bag or a full one.

11-07-10  After my 2 cousins went to the ATFA Brent hunt with me and only got to look at squirrels they told me they wanted to do some shooting. So we went to a place that Alex's family owns in Jemison, AL to hunt Tennie---and the boys did some shooting! Every tree sounded like WW3. I had to shoot some of them because they would empty their guns while the squirrels bailed. They had fun even with it being pretty slow. We made several trees where we couldn't find anything because of the leaves or pines. I enjoy taking these 2 to the woods.

11-11-10  Took a young fella out yesterday afternoon for a good hunt...and it was his first ever hunt with a squirrel dog. This is John Douglas Sherum. His grandfather works for us and has been asking about going out with a squirrel dog so I finally got a chance to take him while he was out of school yesterday for the holiday. We hunted about 2 hours, made 16 trees, found 12 and knocked down 9.  He had a really good time and so did I.  After our hunt he said..."This makes me want a squirrel dog."
One hunt and hooked!

11-12-10  I went this morning for about 45 minutes before work and hunted Dusty and the pup named Ringo. We did pretty good for a short trip. Treed 6 times. Made one den tree, a pine thicket and found the other 4 and knocked them down. I could not get both Dusty and Ringo in the picture.  You can see him peeking out the box.

11-13-10  Well I had a very special hunt! I took my cousin Alex and Tennie road hunting...and My Grandmother went with us!!!  I can't say for sure...but I don't believe most folks can say that their Grandmother ever went squirrel hunting with them. Now she didn't get up in the woods with us but she did sit in the truck or get out on the side of the road and watch her two grandsons do some shooting. I believe she had fun. Each time we came back to the truck she would be smiling and if the dog got over a hill and she saw us walking back she would ask "Did you get him?" and smile some more. My grandmother also thinks Tennie is the prettiest dog I've ever owned so she really enjoyed watching the dog work. Every time Tennie would smell a squirrel and hop off of the road my grandmother would say, "There she goes" and just laugh. I will always remember this hunt!

11-18-10  Been spending most days during the week hunting Ringo (Britches x Wynn's Molly) and he has gotten better and better in the woods.  He is putting things together each time out.  Today he treed his 2nd squirrel in the wild and got it knocked down to him!  Not bad for an 8 month old puppy.  I really like his hunt and tree style.  He is pretty fast and has gotten more range each trip to the woods and today was ranging out 300+ yards on the Garmin.  Hopefully there will be more and more tailgate shots this season!


11-19-10  Took Ringo out this afternoon for about an hour. I had fun watching him hunt. He treed 3 times and I knocked them down to him. He is just starting and it's fun to watch him. I have been impressed with this pup's hunt and tree style.  He is getting better and better each time out...but he is still just a puppy. Still got a LONG ways to go!



11-20-10  Had a good afternoon hunt with my cousin Grant at my uncle's property. Grant had a good time road hunting. He said riding and listening to music with the windows down was much more fun than walk hunting. I think he got spoiled on one trip :roflmao:
Tennie treed 12 in an hour and 15 minutes (yes we were watching the clock). We were sweating pretty good lol. After we put Tennie up we turned Ringo loose and walked him for about 15 minutes and he treed one. So I guess he earned his way into the tailgate pic :thumbup:
I have Ringo on the left and Grant has Tennie on the right.

11-21-10  Grant and I took my pup out of BritchesxWynn's Molly named Ringo hunting this afternoon by himself. I was blown away by what we got to see. I have really enjoyed hunting this pup. He treed for the very first time on 11-01-10 in a small patch of woods around the neighborhood. He treed what I would call his first wild squirrel just last weekend (11-14-10) and got his first tailgate shot this past Thursday (11-18-10). Well when we went today I expected to maybe make a few trees and get some meat down to him. Ringo treed 11 times and we found 9 squirrels! The other 2 trees were in pine thickets and must have bailed out before Ringo got there to tree them. I was really pleased with the way he did today. The pup treed every squirrel by scent! He is only 8 months old!!!!  This is showing to be an outstanding cross!

11-24-10  Took off for a little morning round with my little buddy Brody and the pup. We hunted Ringo about 45 minutes and made 3 trees. I knocked down one and I don't know what happened with the other. I saw the squirrel walking in to Ringo and when we started looking I couldn't find it. I was disappointed not getting to reward him for his work. We had a good time and Brody enjoyed hunting with the pup. I enjoyed watching both of them lol. Brody would go in to the tree and tell Ringo good job each time he treed while I was looking.

11-24-10  Took off this afternoon for an hour hunt with Big Buddy...Buddy Horsley. Buddy's dad works for us and I told him I'd take him squirrel hunting. He's seen pictures of Britches at the office and has always said he'd like to go. The conditions seemed bad and the squirrels were not stirring but we got to knock down 4. He wants to go back so I guess the trip worked. This was Buddy's first hunt with a squirrel dog and hopefully he'll go some more.

11-25-10  Took Grant and Alex hunting this morning for a couple of spins with the dogs for our annual Thanksgiving Hunt. I was hoping to get to the woods early but waking these guys up is like pulling teeth. We got out late around 8:00. We didn't do any road hunting today...just walking. Hunted Ringo first for about an hour and treed one time. Squirrel got away. I took the boys to get a bite to eat and then we headed back out around 9:30 with Tennie and treed 7 times and got 6. Man it was hot and humid. Felt like 80 degrees today. Suppose to be in the 50's on Friday. Storm is rolling in tonight.

:thumbup: 2 things to be thankful for....Family and Squirrel Dogs :thumbup:

11-28-10  Went hunting Sunday afternoon with my little nephew Brody and 2 friends, Ross Vining and Ethan Spigner. We hunted Ringo and he did pretty good for an 8 month old pup. I took the camera but forgot to get tree pictures or video. Hopefully I'll remember next time. We had a good time. Ringo is slowly coming along each trip. He got a face full of squirrel twice on this trip and they bloodied Ringo up pretty good.  Maybe he'll learn to not play so much with the squirrel so much before killing it HAHA

I took off with Ross Vining and his hunting buddy Ethan to do a little squirrel hunting Saturday afternoon. We hunted Dusty, Tennie and Ethan's young 2 year old dog Jack for a couple of hours.
We didn't get to take a tailgate shot because we got caught in the rain but I brought the squirrels in and got a garage shot haha 
The conditions were windy and not much was stirring. We treed 11 and knocked down 9 and made a good many den trees. Dusty did really well treeing most of the squirrels. The other dogs just couldn't smell them. Sport x Cricket :thumbup: Ross would just laugh about it because he has hunted with a good many of the dogs from this cross and has seen it many times.
I had fun watching Ethan blast away at the squirrels and run out of shells with 30 minutes left of daylight

12-19-10  Doug Wooten , Nick Rutherford and myself made a fun hunting trip today.
We started off the morning by hunting Tennie and Nick's female out of Britches named Cricket. We hunted just a little over an hour and knocked down 5 and made about 5 more den trees or big pines where we couldn't find anything. Cricket is only 9 months old and she is going to make a fine squirrel dog.
After that we went back to the truck and got out Dusty and Nick's dog Bingo. It was probably around 9:30 when we turned them loose and the wind had started kicking up a notch and we made about 8 den trees and found one squirrel. Tough hunting lol
That afternoon we hunted close to 2 hours with Dusty, Tennie and Nick's young dog Champ. We had a good afternoon hunt and stopped with an hour of daylight left.
We had a good day hunting and a good time hunting with friends.
Here are some pictures from our hunts.

Nick Rutherford with Cricket and Doug Wooten with Tennie after our morning round


Two brothers...Bingo and Dusty treeing together (Sport x Cricket)


Tennie about 8 feet off the ground on a blowdown treeing LOL


Tennie and Dusty afternoon hunt

12-23-10  Grant and I went hunting with some friends yesterday for a Festivus Hunt. We went with Eric Feemster, Doug Wooten and Nick Rutherford. Yesterday morning we hunted Nick's Bingo, Eric's Fred and Tennie. We made a bunch of den/pine trees and only knocked down two squirrels. The dogs hunted but nothing was out. Nick had to split to help his dad move a new safe and Doug said he had better quit as well so he wouldn't walk us into the ground again like he did that morning.
That evening Eric, Grant and I hunted and we had a really nice hunt. We knocked down 16 and had 2 more get away. We also had one double tree and left that extra squirrel. So we ended up seeing 19 that afternoon. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to hunt with Eric and Fred.

Jackie with JR on the left. I am up top with Tennie. Buddy is holding Luther on the right.

11-28-10  Buddy Horsley and I met Tom and Jackie Gant over at the management area yesterday afternoon. I picked up a dog box from Jackie and then we went hunting. We turned Tennie loose first and hunted her for about an hour and knocked down 3 squirrels and made about 4 den trees. 2 that we found were fox squirrels and one was pretty much black. Never seen one like it around here.

After that we turned 2 young dogs loose. Luther and JR. Luther is a 2 year old and JR is an 8 month old. 2 nice prospects from what I saw. JR had only been to the woods two or three times and only had one squirrel shot down to him. Well this hunt he treed 5 if I remember correctly. Luther is nice as well. He made 2 or 3 den trees and we also knocked down a few to him. Luther can GO!

All together we knocked down 11 in a little over 2 hours. I don't hunt out at the WMA at all but Tom and Jackie said it was a good hunt.


12-30-10  Buddy and I took Tennie out twice yesterday. We went to Hollins WMA for less than an hour yesterday morning. As soon as we dropped the tailgate the trees started swaying back and forth. Tennie managed to tree 3 squirrels pretty quick and made 3 den trees later on and we called it a morning. Wind just got worse.

That afternoon I took Buddy down to my cousin's place on the lake. After about 30 minutes I believe I could hear him cussing me and Tennie under his breath LOL The "hills" are straight up and down. We had to crawl up some and some even I refused to go down because I knew I wouldn't get back up. We stayed out in the woods around 2 hours and had a pretty good hunt.
I always like watching a young person enjoy a hunting trip


01-16-11  Got to make a couple of hunts last weekend. I have officially moved to Georgia and was welcomed by getting snowed in for 4 days. I was pretty much unable to get out of the house from the 10th-14th. Not fun when you have no cable or internet. My first week of school was cancelled because of the snow storm. As soon as I was able to get out and about I headed back home (AL) for a family get together.

Well last Sunday our family got together at my Grandfather's for a very late Christmas get together. They were sick earlier and we coulnd't make our reunion then so it was put off til last weekend. Tennie has also been in heat and been penned up for a couple of weeks. She did ok. We only hunted about 45 minutes and then headed back to my Grandfather's house for a little front yard football. Brody and Grant went with me and Grant did the shooting. We treed 8 and let one get away and also made a few den trees. A good little "Christmas" hunt LOL

01-17-11  The next day I came back to Georgia and met up with Shane Stephenson, his friend Scott and Shane's daughter Shelby. The weather was really not very good but we headed out anyways. Tennie was not herself and I think it may have something to do with her heat cycle. We hunted about an hour and a half and knocked down 11, had a couple get away and made some den trees. It was fun getting to hunt with these nice folks. I have spoken with Shane over the phone several times but never met him. I sure do appreciate him taking me out for a good time. Thanks Shane!

01-28-10  Managed to get back to Alabama for a study session with my sister for Chemistry and Physics.  Before I got there I took Alex and Grant road hunting at my uncle's place.  We only got to hunt a little over an hour but we sure had fun.  I really needed to run up and down the mountain for a little exercise and Tennie did not disappoint!  She has just come out of heat and I expected her to be a little down and not hunt all that hard.  She just about killed me.  After the 5th 200-300 yard sprint up hill I was gassed!  It was a lot of fun though.  I have been studying non-stop and this was a much needed break.  I hope to make another couple of hunts this same weekend in between study sessions.

01-29-11  Went walk hunting today for a couple of hours by myself.  The squirrels did not move at all.  Tennie hunted hard which is what matters most.  The numbers were not low because of a lack of effort.  Tennie did her part.  Also in the dog box is Wynn's Molly.  Roger met me this morning and gave her to me to take back home to breed with Britches.

01-30-11  Met up with Nick Rutherford this afternoon for a hunt with his young pup named Cricket.  We had a good time.  The squirrels did not really stir.  We saw 8 and knocked down 5.  We also made a few den trees.  Nick's female is only 10 months old and she will tree right.  She will only get better.

02-05-11  Slipped off today for a short hunt with Tennie.  Hunted about an hour and treed 8 squirrels, knocked down 4 and had 4 get away and made a few den trees.  Typical February hunt. 

02-10-11  Today our Physics class was cancelled so we got out of school early. Seth Warner, buddy of mine from school, and myself both happened to walk in and get the message at the same time so I told him that I was heading to the woods. He and I had discussed hunting a little at times so I invited him to go. Man he was pumped. He had never been squirrel hunting. He is a bird hunter and familiar with hunting dogs so he was ready to see what a squirrel dog would do. We headed out with Tennie and drove about an hour to the WMA. This was the first squirrel and coon that he had ever killed. He knocked down all of them but one. The only one he didn't shoot was one that had gotten in a pine and I was going to try and make it move for him so I shot twice up through the tree and down came the squirrel. Seth hunts the way I like...fast! It was nice to not have to wait on someone to catch up LOL We knocked down 6 squirrels, missed one, got one coon and made about 8 den trees. Seth had fun and that is what mattered most!

02-12-11  Spending the weekend at my sisters and made a hunt with my little Nephew Brody and cousin Alex Kendrick.  Alex knocked down 7 and we had a couple get away and also made some den trees.  Alex and Brody had fun and Alex was a deadeye today.  I think he only used about 10 shells.  A couple were extra shots just to make sure LOL.  I sure do like taking my family out to enjoy these dogs!

02-13-11  Made a round with Nick Rutherford today.  Hunted his Cricket female out of BritchesxWynn's Molly mostly.  She did extremely well!  She treed 4 squirrels this morning and 4 this afternoon!  I overslept so I didn't get to see her go this morning but man did she look good this afternoon.  We ended up knocking down 13 and we made a ton of den trees/pine thickets where we couldn't find anything.  Tennie was pretty whooped after hunting her pretty hard Thursday and Saturday.  We hunted her the last hour or so and knocked down 4 or 5 to her and she made a bunch of den trees.  Just a typical February hunt.  But man did we have fun!

02-22-11  Made an afternoon hunt with Tennie today and limited out in less than 2 hours.  Made 14 trees, saw 10 and knocked down 8 to limit out. The 4 den trees were hot squirrels but they lived to see another day LOL

Not too shabby for a fat mutt that's almost 7 weeks with pups ;)

The 2 that got away were fun. They kept coming out of the dens and bailing and running to other dens. Tennie was going nuts and I had fun watching her chase them around.

I wasn't able to gun hunt this past weekend.  I took Tennie down to Mississippi for the ATFA hunt and she placed 4th in the afternoon hunt.  I had a great time and got to see all of my buddies for the first time since November.  It was good to see everyone and hit the woods with some great guys and great dogs.

02-26-11  Made the last hunt of the season.  Tennie was really lagging from the extra weight being 7 weeks with pups but she did well considering.  Grant and I had a good time.  Grant was dead on with his shooting as usual. 

I actually hunted the day before with Brody and forgot to make a tailgate picture.  Brody and I had a good time.  I always enjoy hunting with Brody...and Grant.

Another season is over and we are already looking forward to next season.  I have really enjoyed meeting new folks and hunting with my old hunting buddies.  There is nothing like getting out and ejoying nature and following a good squirrel dog with friends and family.