We had another fantastic squirrel season this year.  The 2009-2010 season was a success in so many ways.  I am truly blessed to have such fine squirrel dogs to share and make memories with my family and friends.  We also got to travel some and meet new folks and hunt with some nice dogs from different parts of the country.  I always enjoy taking folks out to show them a good time.  The season always seems to come and go so quickly and we are ready for next year already.  We sure enjoyed ourselves this season and hope you enjoy our pictures from this past season.  We sure enjoyed making the memories!  235


10-03-09  This was a Saturday hunt with my two cousin's Lance Adams and Grant Mosier.  We had a pretty good hunt considering the conditions.  The leaves are extremely thick.  We had a great time and wasted a lot of shells haha

10-11-09  This was a Sunday hunt with my 2 cousins Lance Adams, with Dusty, and Grant Mosier, with Roxie.  We did ok finding squirrels but the leaves are still thick and they are hard to find or make move.  Managed to knock down 9 and let 4 get away.

10-19-09  I decided to take Spud out after work today for a short run.  I got out late so I only got to turn him loose for about 45 minutes.  He did pretty good making 6 trees.  I managed to knock down some but let a few get away. Actually had one bail out a ways and after I shot it down I couldn't find it.  Either got into a hole or I just couldn't find it.  It would have been nice to have had another shooter with me today.  I am so ready for the leaves to drop. 

10-23-09  This was a Sunday hunt with Spud and Roxie.  My cousin's Grant and Lance went with me but are not in the picture.  We had a pretty good hunt seeing 18 squirrels and knocking down 13.  The leaves are still pretty thick but hopefully in a couple more weeks the squirrels will be easier to find.  Grant and Lance are getting better at spotting these little cusses while they jump through the canopy.  I am glad that I am able to take my cousins out and enjoy some good family time while also enjoying some good hunting.

11-01-09 This was a short afternoon run with Roxie.  My cousin Grant Mosier went with me and we had a good time.  Maybe I had a good time and Grant had a good work out.  We did pretty good finding 5 squirrels out of the 10 trees we made.  It's still thick but some of the trees have thinned enough where you can actually find a squirrel.  I'm glad that Grant is able to go with me.  He sure enjoys shooting at a squirrel.

11-08-09  This is my cousin, Grant Mosier, on the left and Nick Ennis with Roxie on the right.  These boys like to squirrel hunt!

11-14-09  This was an afternoon hunt with Roxie.  Grant and I took her out for a little under 2 hours and took 9.  She sure gave us a workout covering a good bit of ground in a short period of time.  She can get gone pretty quick.

11-15-09  This was the result after about 5 hours of hunting.  Grant, Nick, Nick's brother Daniel and myself took Roxie out for a spin and we had a really good time.  Nick and Daniel did not make the picture because we had to take them home.  The picture was taken at a relatives house right before we started cleaning.   We took 18 and let a few others get away.  We made a lot of trees that were dens or pines way to big to find anything.  The squirrels were pretty wild when we did see them.  They would be bailing into pines as we walked up to the trees or hit the ground and run and the race would be on.  Kids blasting the woods up and having some fun.

11-25-09  I took Nick, Matthew and Roxie out this afternoon for a little under an hour and a half.  I was hoping to get to the woods early but got tied up at work.  We had a pretty good hunt.  We saw 8 squirrels and knocked down 7.  We also made a few more trees in the big pines where we weren't able to find one.  The boys had fun which is most important and they used up all of my shells.  My shooting must have rubbed off on them.  It sounded like World War III every time Roxie treed.

11-26-09  Thanksgiving Hunt with the family!  We made a short round with Roxie before Thanksgiving dinner and had a little fun.  We hunted about an hour and a half and treed 9 and knocked down 7.  We lost one in the woods so there are only 6 on the tailgate.  From Left-Right are Alex Kendrick, Grant Mosier with Roxie and Lance Adams.  There was a lot of lead flying for these squirrels.

11-29-09  This was a 2 hour Sunday afternoon hunt with my cousin Grant Mosier and my ol huntin buddy Nick Ennis.  The boys did an excellent job spotting and shooting.  We had a nice hunt and Roxie did pretty good for us.  We killed 12 and had some nice dog work.  This little dog wore these boys out!

12-06-09  This was a Sunday afternoon hunt with Nick Ennis and Matthew Dunn.  We took Roxie and had a pretty good time.  The boys did some good shooting.  We managed to knock down 13 in a couple of hours and left a few others for next time.

12-17-09  This was my favorite hunt of the season so far.  I took my little 5 year old nephew Brody to the woods for about an hour or so and man did he have a blast.  We hunted Dusty, Spud and Britches.  They have not been out of the pen in a good while and I figured we'd stretch their legs and kill a few.  We didn't kill everything that we treed but you talk about a little boy having a time...and so did I!  This is what it is all about!  Watching him made my day.  Brody will talk about this a good bit just like he has the other times I've been able to take him.  He loves telling the dogs what to do and trying to command them while he's walking.  Brody is a trooper...he stayed with me step for step...and I loved every minute of it.  I hope he'll remember these hunts for life!

12-20-09  I called up my good friend Grady Lamberth this afternoon and he was ready to go hunting.  So I loaded up Britches, Dusty and Roxie and we went hunting for a couple of hours and had a real good time.  Dusty sort of stole the show but all the dogs did well.  Even the old man had a little pep in his step today which ain't bad at 12.5 years old.  All 3 dogs were split treeing so Grady and I both got a little bit of a workout going back and forth between trees.  We knocked down 15 squirrels and had several get away.  We also made several den trees and also several more trees in pine thickets that we just left alone.  The dogs made us sweat for sure.  Grady really enjoys going out with the dogs and I am glad I am able to share some good times with my friends.


A few tree pictures

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Christmas Run - I have finally found time to download some pictures from Christmas. Here is the photo of our little Christmas hunt before we had our Christmas dinner.
I took some of the young'uns for a little run with Roxie and Dusty and they shot the woods up lol.
My cousin Grant Mosier on the left with Roxie, my little 5 year old nephew Brody in the middle, and my cousin Alex on the right with Dusty. We had a good time walking up and down my uncle's mountain. The dogs made us work up an appetite in a short time.

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01-13-10 Nick got his lungs opened up pretty good today. We went to death ridge and cut Roxie loose for a good afternoon run. We got to get some cardio exercise, knock down some squirrels and have a good time. It was good to finally get back out in the woods and get ol Nick's gun barrel heated up again.

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02-03-10 I took off of work yesterday and took my little nephew Brody squirrel hunting before the rain moved in. We had a good time. He got to see 7 squirrels and we knocked down 5. He had a blast following Roxie...and also worked up an appetite lol. She just about walked him into the ground. He did all the vine pulling and enjoyed stomping on the squirrels heads after Roxie brought them to us. I'm sure with another adult I could have found or bagged more but the expressions on his face was worth more than a tailgate full of squirrels.
Walking out of the woods he said..."You know what? I love Roxie. But not as much as you and Britches."   I hope one day he makes a squirrel hunter when he's grown and enjoys taking young'uns to the woods.

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02-13-10 Here are a few photos from our afternoon hunt. It was a pretty rough hunt. We hunted at my uncles place which is pretty much straight up and down. Roxie really made us sweat. I had to leash her so we could get back over the mountain or we'd still be out there lol. We knocked down some and had some get away.

I also took the camera along to get a few photos of Britches. He will be 13 in June but will still tree a squirrel. I have not had him out very many times this year so I wanted to get him out for some shots before he's gone because once they get that age you just never know. I sure do love watching him tree...he is a treedog for sure.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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02-19-10  I took off this afternoon and hunted Spud for a couple of hours.  The squirrels were moving a lot better than the previous hunts of this week.  It had warmed up and they were stirring a little better.

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02-20-10  Grant and I took Roxie and Dusty out for an afternoon run and had a good time.  I can't say how much the warmer weather has helped the hunting.  They were stirring pretty good today.

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02-21-10 I took my cousin's Mitch and Allison along with Grant and had a good time Sunday aftenoon. This was Mitch and Allison's first time to go squirrel hunting with the dogs!
The lead was flying.
They had already cleaned up by picture time. As you can see I am sorta wet. I slid down a creek bank into the water. The dogs weren't the only source of entertainment.
We hunted Dusty and Roxie again on Sunday and the dogs did well. Dusty was the leader both Saturday and Sunday.  It is good to get a little rust knocked off of him.

02-22-10  I took off work right before closing and hit the woods for about an hour with Dusty.  We did pretty good considering it was a short hunt.  It was at least good dog work.  Here is a short clip of him at one of the trees.


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02-25-10  It was tough but I guess a rough hunt is better than sitting at work! Roxie walked us into the ground so bad that I leashed her early lol. There was absolutely nothing moving today. She took us to 5 trees of 415, 425, 610, 405 and 560 in a place that is steep hill after steep hill. Walking that far to a den tree or pine thicket is a little frustrating to say the least. At least she went out and found something. Thank goodness for tracking collars.

I couldn't believe how well my little nephew kept up. He didn't miss a beat. It was not what I'd call a fun hunt but at least he enjoyed it. As you can see he was picking up empty shotgun shells along the way. He says that we make a good team. Well worth it to take him out if he enjoys it like that. We're off to get some ribeye steaks...worked up an appetite.

Well the season is over and the dogs decided to declare war on the squirrels the last weekend. We had a really good time.

02-27-10 Here is our Saturday afternoon hunt. We got started late and hunted right at 2 hours and the dogs did well. Dusty looked extremely good. Roxie looked good also. Really nice dog work.
The dogs treed 25 and we knocked down 23. A couple got away. Of the ones we knocked down I believe Dusty treed 14 and Roxie treed 9.
We hunted with (L-R) Cousin Lance Adams, Ethan Spigner with Roxie, Ross Vining with Dusty and me on the far right. Ethan brought a pellet gun and after the first few squirrels I gave him my shotgun and started pulling the vines for everyone. Ethan and Lance really had a time. They let the lead fly LOL

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02-28-10 The next hunt was our Sunday afternoon hunt. After Church we grabbed a bite to eat and met a buddy of mine and went a hunting. We hunted with Jeff Fulghum and his little ball of dynamite Tontoe. Again the dogs did really well. We killed 18 and had 2 get away in less than 2 hours. The dogs were split treeing and we were running all over the woods to get to them. The dogs held pressure every time and looked really good. Roxie got a jump on Tontoe and Dusty. I believe they got into a race when we turned them loose and Roxie treed 3 on the way to them. Little Tontoe can scoot. When we got to the boys they were split treed about 75 yards apart hammering. It was an exciting final hunt with good folks. Roxie had the edge in this one but all 3 dogs did excellent.

Pictured L-R are Grant Mosier, Ethan Spigner with Dusty, Alex Kendrick on the box holding Roxie, Jeff Fulghum with Tontoe and myself.
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The last photo is of both hunts. 41 squirrels in less than 4 hours! FEIST POWER!!!

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It was a great ending to another great season!