Sad to say that the season is over but it was a good one.  We made some new friends, got to hunt with some old friends, got to see and hunt with some great dogs and most importantly had fun!  The 2008-2009 Squirrel Season was a success and we are already looking forward to next season.  We are still doing everything we can to improve our breeding program, trying new things and trying to work with some young dogs for the future.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from this season because we sure enjoyed making them! 

10-01-08  Opening day.  The leaves are way too thick to find much of anything but we managed to knock down a few.  Pictured with Dusty are (L-R) Rick Palma, Nick Ennis and my sister Jill.

Thick leaves and 80 degree heat are not conducive for a good hunt but I managed to knock down 4.  Made a good many trees but just can't find them right now.

10-04-08  This was a pretty good hunt.  We saw 14, killed 9 and bagged 8.  One got shot and fell right in a hole with its tail still hanging out.  Not a bad hunt for this early in the season.  We made around 30 trees but just couldn't manage to find most of them.  Finding them will get a little easier next month.  Britches did most of the damage but Molly did well.  She should make a fine dog by the end of this season.  Molly is a daughter of my other male dog, Dusty.

10-05-08  We did not have as much luck as the day before but we did manage to make 2 move enough to see them.  Dusty did well but I wish we could have knocked them all down to him.  He worked hard making 12 trees but we just didn't have any luck making them move.

10-09-08  This was a great hunt.  Not because of the number of squirrels seen or killed----but because I got to hunt with my Dad.  We had 3 get away but it was fun watching him shoot at them.  We made a good many trees in around 2 hours.  I guess bagging 4 isn't too bad this time of the year.  Can't wait for the leaves to start dropping.

This is Nick Ennis and Matthew Dunn.  We had a fair hunt.  We saw 11 and killed 5.  We had 2 Fox Squirrels get away.  Tough hunting.  Once these squirrels bailed they were gone.  Never could catch up with them.  Some even jumped from the tops of trees to the ground and took off running.  Wild hunt.

10-17-08  We had a really nice hunt as far as seeing squirrels that we treed.  We made close to 40 trees!  We managed to see 20 and kill 9.  11 squirrels got away!  We need some hired guns to help us knock these squirrels down to the dogs.  Watching 11 get away was very very frustrating...for us and the dogs.  One got hung in a tree and 2 others got into holes after we shot them.  It was a wet day but fun.

10-20-08  I decided to take Britches for a little spin this afternoon and had a lot of fun.  He is a joy to be with in the woods.  I hunted from about 3:45-5:45 and Britches made a good many trees.  I managed to find 7 but let 2 get away.  Bagging 5 by yourself is not bad for this time of the year ESPECIALLY considering the way I shoot!  It was good to be in the woods.


10-25-08 This was a hunt with my cousin, Lance Adams, Nick Ennis and Matthew Dunn.  12 squirrels and 1 big coon.  It was a rough hunt but ended on a good note.  Still a good hunt for October.  The leaves are still very thick and it's hard to spot these fellas.

10-29-08  I was hunting in an extremely thick area and by myself so I was lucky to get this many.  It wasn't the greatest dog work but he straightened up a little the latter half of the hunt. Not bad for 2 hours hunting alone.

11-12-08 I went hunting for about an hour with Britches this afternoon by myself to enjoy the woods.  I managed to find 5 and had a good time.  It is hard pulling vines, looking for squirrels and shooting by yourself haha.


11-22-08  Nick and I took Britches out for a little under 2 hours this Saturday afternoon and we did pretty well.  We quit way too early because we wanted to get out of the woods during daylight hours in unfamiliar territory but we will be going back again and hunt til just about dark the next go around.  We got to hunt a beautiful tract of mixed pine and hardwood.  We made about 13 or 14 trees and saw 9---knocked down 7.  Britches treed on several dens and giant pines so we came up empty handed on those but we still had a lot of action.  Nick and I had a good time going to the woods with Britches.


11-23-08  I along with Grady Lamberth, Nick Ennis, Josh Lamberth and Rusty D'Olimpio took Britches out Sunday afternoon for a 2 hour hunt.  Josh and Rusty were just along for the fun of watching and didn't carry guns and didn't stick around for picture taking.  The Lamberth Family are close friends of mine and I hope I am able to take them several more times this season.  We had a lot of fun and had a lot of action. Nick sure was glad to get back to the truck...he carried all of those squirrels plus his shotgun.  I believe Mr. Lamberth had a ball.  We managed to put 14 on the tailgate but should have had more because we missed a few.  It was one tree after another.  We were hunting in mixed pine and hardwood again and timed the hunt so we could stay a little longer than the hunt on Saturday afternoon.  So in a little under 4 hours Britches treed close to 30 squirrels that we saw if you combine the Saturday and Sunday afternoon hunts.  Not bad for an 11.5 year old dog!


12-07-08  This was a Sunday afternoon hunt with my friends Grady Lamberth, Rachel Lamberth and Temple Coley.  We hunted Coley's John Henry, Britches and a young pup out of Britches named Issac.  We didn't have to cover much ground and only hunted around an hour but managed to knock down 8.  Both of the older dogs did a good job and Issac got to learn a little of what it's all about.  We had a good time even though we did not get to hunt very long at all.  As usual I had a lot of fun hunting with my friends.  It is also very enjoyable to hunt with fine squirrel dogs.

12-13-08 This was a short morning stroll with Buddy.  Buddy belongs to Roger Wynn.  Buddy has only been to the woods a few times and this was the result of the morning hunt.  His first squirrel and Buddy treed it RIGHT!  Feet on the wood and barking his head off.  He actually SPLIT TREED from Dusty and treed before Dusty treed.  He had the first tree in this short hunt and I was proud of him.  I was really excited to see Buddy do what he was bred to do.  Buddy is out of Britches x Wynn's Molly.  Molly is a daughter of Dusty and Jeff Beam's Princess.  So Buddy was getting to hunt with his grandpoppa haha.



12-13-07  This was an afternoon hunt with Britches and his son Buddy. I finally remembered to take the camera into the woods to get pictures of the hunt.   We made a lot of den trees and managed to see some.  The ones we did see were WILD.  Most were timbering when we walked up on them and into the holes they went.   I was glad that I took the camera to get some pictures. You can see the similarities in treeing styles with Britches and Buddy.  I was really impressed with Buddy today.  He did well in the morning and afternoon hunts.  He looks like he might be a Treedog!

12-20-08  This was a short afternoon hunt with Nick Ennis and Matthew Dunn.  We hunted on some tough terrain and the squirrels were not out at all.  There was some distance between each squirrel and it took us a while to get to Britches each time.  We saw 6 but one got away from us.  We also made 5 or 6 more den trees.  It was almost like a February hunt.  Even though the hunt was pretty rough we still had fun.  I enjoyed watching the boys struggle up the steep hills and occasionally slide back down. 

12-26-08  A short little round in some rough conditions.  I was hunting by myself and only saw 6.  2 got away.  Made several den trees and pines.  It is not fun hunting alone sometimes.


12-28-08  This was the results of a short afternoon hunt with some of my family.  (Pictured From L-R) My brother Spencer Kerley, my cousin Grant Mosier with Britches, my little nephew Brody and me on the box, my cousin Alex Kendrick with Dusty and my cousin Hannah Adams.  We hunted a little over an hour on a short strip of woods right along a creek on my grandfather's property in Pell City.  All of the kids had fun watching the dogs and shooting at squirrels.  I had fun making sure everyone did NOT shoot EACH OTHER haha.

I also hunted this same spot with Tom Gant and his Sally female that morning.  We got to the woods too late but dogs did tree 4 and made a few den trees.  Tom and I spent half of our time walking through the worlds biggest briar patch. We stayed as far away as we could from the briar patch that afternoon.  Tom can also tell you...I have improved on my shooting!

12-29-08  This was a real quick hour hunt this afternoon with my two hunting buddies Nick Ennis and Matthew Dunn on a small tract of land that my family owns.  My little nephew Brody also went with us.  He sure thought he was big stuff holding that gun for the picture.  Matthew is holding his first shotgun.  We picked it up today and he was about to bust to try it out.  We hunted Dusty and Cocoa.  Cocoa is a real young 6 month old pup out of Tombigbee Taz x Pine Belt Sandee.  After we shot a couple of squirrels down I rubbed one on a tree and hung it up and she barked at it for a little while. She is still a puppy and still learning what is going on in the woods.  The squirrels were not moving at all but the boys had fun and that's what matters most.  I sure enjoy watching them carry on.  They keep me laughing and my blood pressure from getting too high when the dogs do something irritating.

01-01-09  The first hunt of the new year!  I along with Nick and Matthew hunted with my buddy Jeff Beam and his dog Chico.  We took Roxie with us also.  I forgot my camera so Jeff and Chico are not in the picture.  I had to take the photo when I got back home.  All of the squirrels are not Roxie's.  She and Chico both did well. Both Chico and Roxie are out of Williams Bud.  Roxie is out of ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion Williams Bud and ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion Williams Misty.  She is a nice squirrel dog.

01-03-09  This was a short afternoon hunt with Mr. Lewis Walls and his female Pearl.  Along for the ride were Nick, Matthew and my little nephew Brody. We brought Britches and my new female Roxie.  The squirrels did not move very much but we managed to see 9 and knock down 8.  Pearl is starting to come around for Mr. Walls and he really enjoys taking her to the woods.  Pearl is out of Tombigbee Taz and Pine Belt Sandee.

01-04-09  This was a short hour and a half hunt with my friends Grady and Rachel Lamberth.  The only place I had that wasn't covered up with deer hunters was a place with steep hills and a thin squirrel population.  It was 70 degrees and the squirrels were not moving at all but Roxie hunted hard.  She really gave us a workout and we covered a good bit of ground.  This little dog is solid and will go get treed and stay put no matter the conditions.

01-10-09  This was a nice morning hunt with my first little league baseball coach Donald Jennings and his friend Chuck Weldon.  Donald and Nick are in the picture.  Chuck didn't make the picture.  Nick and I brought Britches and Roxie along and they did not disappoint.  We got to the woods a little late, around 8:30, but the dogs went to work immediately.  We saw 13 and killed 10 and also made several trees with holes.  Somewhere in the woods we lost a squirrel out of one of the vests but oh well...just 9 on the tailgate.  It was a fun hunt and it was good to see the old ball coach again.


01-25-09  This was a Sunday afternoon hunt with Nick and Roxie.  She treed 8 and we knocked down 7.  Squirrel #8 was wounded and got into a nest.  We are trying to get her hunted as much as we can before she comes in heat and has to sit up for a few weeks.


02-01-09  This was a hunt with Nick Ennis and my cousin Alex Kendrick.  We had a good time and Alex got to see Britches show out a little.  I am still amazed whenever I watch Britches.  He is my once in a lifetime dog.  At 11.5 years old not every day is a great one but when he is on and feeling young he is something else to watch.  I just wish more people could have seen him last year before he started slowing down a little this season.  Today was the Britches Show and that's all there was to it.  Yes he is getting too old for competition hunts but on days like today when he has his game on I will put him up against most any dog and feel very confident.  He was treeing them so quick that he had his little brother Dusty psyched out. What was really good was that he did it in relatively warmer weather.  We had plenty of daylight left to hunt a little longer but the boys couldn't take anymore.  It was warm and Britches had worked them over good.

02-07-08 This was a typical February morning hunt.  We treed 4 and made 5 den trees.  We had to cut the hunt short because one of the pups got sick.  Not sure what happened but he is ok now.  Joel and I had fun.

02-12-09 Something new!  I went coon hunting with my friend Martin Arwood and his Walker Hound, Girl.  It was just a short hunt but it was fun listening to the dog and seeing her tree.  I wish I would have remembered to take my camera to the woods and gotten a picture of her on the tree.  She was looking good.  I'll probably be going back again...it was fun.

02-14-09  This was an afternoon hunt with Nick Ennis and his little brother Daniel.  This was Roxie's first day of hunting after 3 weeks of being penned up while being bred.  Roxie walked us into the ground.  There was a LOT of walking and work for only 5 squirrels.  Nothing was stirring at all and Roxie went and found the squirrels.  We also hunted her this morning but I did not have the camera with me.  We shot down some and missed some during the morning hunt and also made a ton of den trees and pine trees.  I will mention that my cousin Joel and my sister's boyfriend Rick will sleep well tonight after the morning trip Roxie took them on.

02-16-09  This was just under a 2 hour hunt with Roxie on Death Ridge.  I had a little bit of the crud but Roxie cleared my lungs this afternoon.  We were up and down some pretty rough terrain.  When we were on top of a mountain she would tree at the bottom and when we were at the bottom she would tree up top.  We hunted from 3:30-5:20 and knocked down 9 but should have had a few more.

02-21-09  This was a rough Saturday afternoon hunt with Roxie on Death Ridge.  We shot down 3 but man did we cover the ground.  We slept well.  In the picture is our new friend Tim Millford from Clanton, AL and Nick.  Tim was beat lol



02-22-09 This was a Sunday afternoon hunt with my cousins Lance Adams, Alex Kendrick and Grant Mosier.  Nick Ennis is in the green shirt...he was money with his shooting haha.  We hunted Britches and Roxie and knocked down 11.  I thought it was 10 but after counting it was 11.  The boys had fun and got to do a lot of shooting.  Made a lot of den trees but got to see some squirrels.


02-24-09  This was a Tuesday morning hunt with Roxie.  We hunted about an hour and a half and knocked down 7 squirrels and 3 coons.  One coon hit the ground and ran into a hole in the ground.  We made several den trees also that she treed on pretty hard.


02-24-09  This was a Tuesday Afternoon hunt with Jeff Fulghum and his dog Tontoe.  Let me tell you folks...Tontoe looked good.  You will see him in some hunts next year if he keeps turning it on.  He is a ball of fire in the woods. He is only a little over a 1.5 and was split treeing and staying put.  He treed one over 1/4 mile away and held just like a champ.  The little dog can go!  We had a good hunt and knocked down 11 and made several den trees.  I had a good time hunting with Jeff and appreciate him taking us to his place to hunt for the afternoon.

02-25-09  This was a Wednesday afternoon hunt with my friend Terry Gardner and his little Sportbred female, Sugar. Sugar is around 7 years old and is out of Stump Jumpin Rusty and Stump Jumpin Shelby.  She just has gotten over having a litter of pups out of Britches.  She got warmed up after a little bit of hunting. The fella on the right with Roxie STILL wishes to remain anonymous haha.    The squirrels did not move a lot this afternoon like I thought they would but we had a good time and got to do some shooting.  Too bad squirrel season is almost over.


02-26-09  This was a afternoon hunt with Tom Gant and his fine squirrel dog Sally.  Sally really looked good.  Roxie finally ran into a buzz saw!  There is a reason the squirrels are on one side of the tailgate LOL.  We had a good time on some beautiful land.  It was good to get out and hunt with Tom the last week of the season.


02-28-09  This was the last morning hunt of the season.  I didn't know if it would be raining this afternoon so I went ahead and took Britches out for one last hunt.  It was hot, wet, humid and the wind started blowing up high and it didn't help that I decided to take Hot Rod along lol. He thought it was playtime and pestered Britches silly! Other than all that it was pretty fun haha. Britches treed 4 during the hour I hunted and I let one get away.  It was good to get him out one last time for a final hunt.  Just wish the conditions had been like they were this afternoon.

02-28-09  This was the Final hunt of the season.  I took Dusty and Roxie out for a final spin through the woods.  I got to the woods later than I wanted, around 3:45, and hunted til a little before 5:00.  I was hunting by myself and got a little frustrated when I couldn't find the squirrels plus the wind picked up so I called it quits.  I managed to knock down 6 but I'm pretty sure I left a few up.  Both dogs did well and I enjoyed the last hunt of the season.  If I had known the weather would be better I would have saved Britches for the afternoon hunt but oh well...I had fun anyways.  It's sad to say that squirrel season is over.