We had a great 2007-2008 season.  It's sad that the season has come to and end.  However, we made some new friends...treed a few squirrels...and got to meet a lot of nice people.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the woods with Family and Friends this season.  I hope you enjoy our season pictures.

This is a picture of a hunt in North Alabama with my friend Jeff Beam on 10-13-07. Pictured from left to right are Britches, Dusty and Jeff's female Princess. Jeff is in the blue shirt and his son, Hunter, is between Princess and Dusty. We had a wonderful time. We treed over 40 times and saw 30 squirrels. We bagged 16 (I lost 2 when I fell down...along with some valuable shotgun shells) The dogs put on a show for us. It was the most fun that I have had in a good while. We had a good meal of Pork Chops when we got back to the house.

This was a hunt on 10-17-07 with John Lashley and his male feist Charlie. Charlie is a grandson of Sport. We had a lot of fun in spite of the rough hunting conditions. The temperature was around 80*, the squirrels just weren't moving and the leaves are still very thick. We saw 9 but two got away. One was a nice looking fox squirrel that got into a hole. We had a lot of fun. Pictured from L-R are Charlie, Britches and Dusty.


This was a hunt on October 3, 2007.  I had the opportunity to go hunting with Doug Cox, Buddy Duke and Stacy Osborn.  The dogs pictured are Stacy's Squirrel Girl and Dusty.  Mr. Cox also hunted his 2 dogs, Brownie and Roxie.  We had a fun hunt and made a good many trees. The dogs wore me completely out. I slept very well that night.

The second picture, from left to right, is of Mr. Cox, Mr. Duke and Mr. Osborn.


This was a hunt on October 24, 2007 with Tom and Jackie Gant.  The top pictures are of the 4 dogs that we hunted that day.  From L-R Sally, Talking Toby, Dusty and Britches is below Dusty.  We bagged 20 squirrels that day.  We had 6 get away. We also left 4 in different trees where we treed multiple squirrels in a single tree. We made over 50 trees and saw 31 squirrels.  The picture on the left is just a nice shot of the squirrels that we took.


The Bottom Left picture is of Toby and Britches.  We took 7 that morning in about 3 hours. We made a ton of trees but couldn't seem to find the squirrels.  The second picture is of Sally and Dusty.  We took 8 in about an hour and a half around lunch time. We left 2 alone during that hunt because we had already knocked a squirrel down from the tree. We saw 10 during that stretch.

I do not have a picture of the evening hunt but we bagged 5 but should have had several more. Toby put on a clinic that afternoon.  Toby is one heck of a dog.  That evening we had 2 die in trees, 2 that we didn't shoot because we had already shot a squirrel down from that tree, and had 4 get away.  I think my math is correct.  We saw 13 that evening.  Anyways, we had a lot of fun and got to do a lot of shooting.


This was a hunt from Saturday, 10-27-07 with Britches and Dusty. I along with Jeff Beam, Darryl Mays and his son Hunter had a blast. We took 21 squirrels and had a good many get away. Hunter had a good time with all of the shooting going on. He even got to pop a few. Darryl can spot a squirrel from a mile away and was knocking em down with a .22 and no scope while they were running through the trees. If he had been with us that morning we could probably have taken our limit of 32. Britches put on one heck of a show that afternoon. He had all of us just shaking our heads. I believe a lot of squirrels saw Britches coming and just went ahead and hung themselves on a vine and got it over with. Just kidding.  Good times with Good People.



This was a hunt on 10-31-07 with Jackie Gant, Jeff Beam, Darrell Mays and his son Hunter Mays.  We hunted Toby, Britches and Dusty that day.  We had an excellent hunt and had lots of fun.  We took 7 that morning with Toby and Britches.  We killed 7 and had 3 get away.  That afternoon we hunted Dusty and bagged 6.  The squirrels had not moved much at all, seeing how we started him right after lunch, and Dusty did a good job of making good out of a bad situation.That evening we hunted Britches and Toby. We bagged 12 and had a few get away. 1 squirrel was killed and fell in a hole. Overall we bagged 24 and actually killed 25.  Not a bad day at all. The first picture is of the morning hunt and the second picture is of Dusty's lunchtime hunt.  Below is a picture of the evening hunt (left) plus all of the squirrels and all of the dogs on the right.


This was a short morning hunt with 2 of my friends Mr. Grady Lamberth, on the right with Dusty, and his son Josh Lamberth.    This is one of the finest families you could ever be around.  Dusty seems to like them.  I hope they are able to go on a lot more hunts this year.  Mr. Lamberth is deadly with that .22!  We hunted in some pretty big pine trees. We probably should have had a few more but you can't find them all.

This is my new Professional Vine Puller, Nick Ennis. I took Nick hunting with Dusty for almost 2 hours on the afternoon of 11-21-07 and we got 5. We made several trees in the big pine area of our property and never could get them to move. No vines in the pines=no squirrels. You talk about a kid having a ball. He was so excited! He wants to go tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon...you get the picture lol. I think he's hooked on squirrel hunting cool.gif
If Nick had not been with me I wouldn't have gotten a single one. These squirrels just barely moved when Nick pulled on the vines. Just enough for me to see them.

This was a hunt on 11-24-07 with my professional vine puller, Nick Ennis. We went out with Dusty and in spite of the bad winds we got 6. I now need a professional squirrel finder . I'm pretty bad at locating them. Nick is really enjoying himself. He got to pop a few with the .410 and he was tickled pink. It is good to get someone his age interested in squirrel hunting...and it's also good to have a vine puller.

This was a Friday afternoon hunt on the last day of November 2007 with my friend Martin Arwood.  We hunted Britches and Dusty for a few hours and killed 9.  We had a good time.  It always helps to have more than one person!


This is my friend Jeff Beam's dog named Chico.  He is off of William's Bud and William's Dixie Ann.  Bud is an ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion.  We killed 15 squirrels that hunt and 8 were Chico's.  We hunted him by himself around 10 am and he had 4 shot down to him.  That afternoon we hunted Chico and Dusty together and killed 11...5 were Chico's.  This dog has really come on strong.  He is not even 2 years old yet.  He can timber a squirrel very well.  I got to see him timber one about 60-70 yards and never lost the squirrel.  He is going to make Jeff a nice squirrel dog.

This was a morning hunt on December 19, 2007 with my very first little league baseball coach, Donald Jennings, and Nick Ennis.  We had a pretty good hunt.  We killed 11 and missed several others.  Britches and Dusty did well.  They made 18 trees, I believe.  4 were den trees with holes in them.  One squirrel almost jumped on my head. Needless to say I got picked on a little bit for that one.  We were hunting on some beautiful property owned by Coach Jennings friend, Chuck Weldon.  I hope we can go back again.

This was my little Nephew's FIRST squirrel hunt.  I took him out last Friday afternoon for an hour with Dusty.  He had a great time.  Every squirrel that fell he would yell, "BOOOM! You got him Uncle Andy!"  LOL  Right when we knocked down the last squirrel he said "Boom ya got him...that's number 4...time to go home Uncle Andy."  Kids are great!

This was a hunt with Chuck Weldon and his sons.  We hunted Britches and Dusty and killed 7.  We had an ok hunt, made a lot of den trees, but it was good to be able to meet Mr. Weldon and his family and friends.  He has a beautiful place.  Hopefully we will get together some more this season. 

This was a hunt with Temple Coley and John Henry.  John won the 2003 & 2005 Alabama State Championships so we had 2 State Champs in the woods at the same time.  Britches and John did well.  Nick did most of the shooting.  He is becoming deadly with that 20 gauge!


I took my cousin Lance and my buddy Nick for a 2 hour hunt on New Years Day with Britches. We killed 10 and had a couple get away. Also made 5 or 6 large den trees with lots of holes in them. Not a bad hunt considering the fact that the wind was blowing 15-20 mph yesterday with gusts faster than that. The trees were swaying pretty bad. Britches really did well considering the conditions.
Ol Nick lost one of them out of the bag when he slid down a hill. He was pretty mad at himself about losing a squirrel laugh.gif He's addicted to squirrel dogs.

A good hunt with Britches.

This was a short afternoon hunt with Britches on 01-08-08.  I was hunting by myself but managed to find 7 and knock down 6.

This was a Saturday afternoon hunt on 01-26-08 with Nick Ennis and Temple Coley.  We hunted Britches and John Henry and had a pretty fair hunt.  We saw 13 and killed 10.  I lost 2 out of the bag crawling through barbed wire fences.


This is Dusty tearing it up on a weekend hunt with Nick Ennis and his friend Matthew Dunn.  We treed 7 squirrels and 1 coon.  2 of the squirrels got away and one was killed but fell in a hole in the ground.  It was a good 2 hour hunt.


This is Nick's 1st coon. Dusty treed it Sunday afternoon. Also the 1st coon Dusty has treed. It was a whopper. At least it looked that way compared to squirrels. Nick begged me to let him shoot it so....


02-10-08  This was a hunt with Temple Coley and John Henry.  These are a few pictures from the hunt.  You couldn't ask to be in the woods with 3 finer dogs.

This was a nice afternoon hunt with Ross Vining and a Kemmer Cur he has been hunting named Billie.  We had a good hunt and bagged 11.  It was hot and the hunting was tough but Dusty and Billie performed well.


This was a Wed afternoon hunt on 2-20-08.  We managed to shoot down 9.  However, 7 got away.  Those were not multiple squirrels either.  1 squirrel seen per tree.  16 squirrels is a nice hunt with one dog.  There were also around 8 or 9 den trees where I was unable to find anything. Britches did well.  Still able to get it done at 10 years old!



These pictures are from the last weekend of the 2007-2008 Hunting season.  I finally got to take my Uncle Clell and 16 year old cousin Hannah squirrel hunting.  We had some good hunts and had a great time.  We made a bunch of den trees but managed to knock down some squirrels.  Hannah is deadly with that .22! I can't wait til next year...


This was a Thursday afternoon hunt with my Uncle Justin.  I finally got him to go! We saw 10 in around 2 hours and were able to shoot 8.  Britches also treed on about 10 trees with holes in them.  A lot of den trees on this property.

This is Temple Coley and his fine squirrel dog John Henry.  This was John's first UKC hunt and 1st win.  He's not even tuned up real good.  He is a great dog.  Also in the picture are Keeley Lashley and Nick Ennis.

Final Hunt of the season.  I went by myself with Britches for the last afternoon hunt of the season.  Managed to knock down 5. Missed a couple and made a lot of den trees.  Not the best hunt in the world but it was fun being in the woods with him on the last day.