I did not get a camera til one of the last weeks of this season but here are a few pictures I took in the woods.

This was a late season hunt in February '07 with Britches and Temple Coley's John Henry. They were both treed here and we got the squirrel.  John won the 2003 & 2005 NKC Alabama State Championships and is a treeing machine. (*He was not hunted during 2004)  He is very swift, a fast locator, hunts hard and covers a lot of ground.  If there are no squirrels in the woods John will make one.  Here John is watching a squirrel.  He can't wait for it to be shot out so he can go get another one.  I would like to thank Temple for his time and all the help he has given me.


Here is a good picture of Britches.  I believe he was wondering where the heck young John Henry had gone.  The next picture I took not long after. Britches treed and he had the squirrel and we shot it down to him.  Another squirrel meets it's fate.  We saw 17 this hunt and killed 13.  A good February hunt.