Tennie Pups


Lucky Beasley - Georgia - (478) 299-9905 - Blur (McElroy's Smoke x Tennie)


Britches and Dusty pups


Kim Manuel - Louisiana - (504) 451-0899 - Buddy (Dusty x Kerley's Roxie)


"I have been hunting Buddy every evening. This is today's hunt from 3:30-5:15. He treed 9 and I killed 7. Buddy is a very hard hunting young dog and pleasure to hunt. Thanks again Andy."


Another hunt of Kim and Buddy.




Roger Wynn Dutton, AL (256) 228-3130 - Buddy (Britches x Wynn's Molly) and Molly (Dusty x Beam's Princess)


Jeff Beam Langston, AL (256) 244-3408 Has seen several from both Britches and Dusty

Wayne Wynn (256) 632-9149 - Jed (Britches x Wynn's Molly)

Preston Arwood Opelika, AL (334) 745-4299 - Buddy (Britches x Wynn's Molly)

Darrell Mays - (256) 717-8745 - Has owned 2 dogs out of Dusty x Beam's Princess

Ray Hair - Mobile, AL - (251) 846-2001 - Ashes (Britches x Wynn's Molly)

Bruce Albea - Rockmart, GA - (770) 856-1965 - Lightning (Britches x Roxie)

Wayne Dunn (256) 572-1476 - Lil Britches (Britches x Vinning's Missy)

Joel Adams (256) 234-7252 - Sandy (Britches x Adams Kate)

Ross Vining - (205) 938-9462  Has raised litters out of both Britches and Dusty.

Carlton Savoy -Louisiana - Shoepick (Britches x Gardner's Sugar Babe)


Stewart Baxley - Florida - (888) 350-4297 - Belle (Britches x Roxie)  Stewart also owns a pup out of Dusty x Roxie named Dot and now owns Roxie.

"Andy , belle is doing outstanding my little boy loves to go hunting with her. She treed her first squirrel on 2-7-10 (day she turned 10 months old) and by 3-7-10 she has treed 80 and we knocked out 60 to her. So when you get another just like her call me, he or she will have a home. Thanks a lot stewart baxley."


Jared Laufenberg (865) 686-2926 - Tennessee - Cooper (Britches x Adam's Kate)



Pete Reynolds - (318) 376-2787 - Louisiana - Cookie (Britches x Gardner's Sugar Babe)

This is Pete Reynolds Cookie female out of BritchesxGardner's Sugar Babe.  She began treeing at 4 months old and is on her way to making a fine treedog.


Nick Rutherford - (256) 310-7884 - Jacksonville, AL - Cricket (Britches x Wynn's Molly)

Cricket treed her first squirrel at 4.5 months of age. She is about 6 months old in this picture.  Call Nick and ask about her. 


Jonathan Perkins - (256) 572-9173 - Albertville, AL - DJ (Britches x Wynn's Molly)

DJ is 7 months old in this picture. She is a stayput treedog. Call Jonathan and ask about her.


Ringo (Born 03-10-10) - treed his first squirrel by scent.  Did this on 11-01-10.  First time treeing.