UKC Squirrel Champion

08/30/03 - 10/06/12

Dusty is off of Oakdale's Sport Model x Gingo's Cricket.  He is a full brother to Britches and another from the Sport x Cricket cross that produced so many good dogs.  Dusty was another early starting dog that began treeing at 4 months of age.  Squirrels were being shot down to him when he was just a pup.  He is a nice squirrel dog and will tree a bunch of squirrels in a short time.  Dusty is intense and only cares about one thing...treeing squirrels!  He has an Excellent nose and can tree squirrels that other dogs simply cannot smell.  Dusty is only the second Male off of Oakdale Sport Model to become a Squirrel Champion.  All of the Male squirrel champions are from the Sport x Gingo's Cricket cross.  What a great cross!

Dusty puts the tree and nose in his pups that are needed to make squirrel dogs.  He has been bred several times and has produced early starting dogs that start naturally in the woods.






Dusty is a treedog and reproduces treedogs.  Here is a short clip of his tree style.




Stud Fee $250

Negative Brucellosis Test Required

Guaranteed Live Birth or Return Service if Notified within 65 Days



Ross Vining - (205) 938-9462  Has hunted a good bit with Dusty.

Jeff Beam - (256) 244-3408  Owned Dusty before I got him.  Has hunted a lot with him.

Tom Gant - (205) 338-4373  Has hunted with Dusty.  Owner of UKC SqCh Talking Toby.

Darrell Mays - (256) 717-8745  Has hunted with Dusty.  Had a young dog off of Dusty that was a squirrel dog deluxe.