ATFA Grand Squirrel Champion
(UKC SqCh Gator x NKC GrSqCh/AR StCh Wood's Missey)

Cindy is making a nice young squirrel dog!  A lot of the beginning work with Cindy was done by Bill Douglas. She hunts hard, head up, locates quickly and has the meat.  She will hold pressure to any dog.
Cindy was in 3 ATFA hunts her first hunting season all within a months time.  She had really only been treeing good about a month before her first hunt at Dexter, GA in January of 2013.  I was really pleased with how she performed in the hunts that season pretty much as a started dog.
Cindy won the Montrose, MS PM Regional with 1675+ points at less than 1.5 years of age and is the youngest dog to ever win an ATFA Hunt.
Her second and third seasons I was unable to make the ATFA competition hunts due to school obligations but she performed at a very high level.

In her first hunt in a couple seasons Cindy placed 2nd at The Alabama ATFA Fall Rally Hunt and then later that season placed 6th at the LBL Rally Hunt.

This season Cindy won the ATFA South Georgia PM Regional and became an ATFA Squirrel Champion.  Jeff Fulghum handled Cindy for me in the PM hunt and came away with First Place scoring 1250+ points.  The win finished her out to an ATFA Squirrel Champion!  I would like thank Willard Crumpton for putting Cindy in my hands and I would also like to thank Taylor Alred and Jeffrey Fulghum for handling Cindy the last few hunts.  She could not have accomplished this prestigious title without their help and efforts.  I cannot thank the three of you enough!

So far Cindy has been entered in two ATFA Champion Casts and has two First place wins. She scored 1625+ points at Dexter,  GA and 800+ points at Montrose, MS.

Cindy finished out to Grand Squirrel Champion with her win at the Land Between the Lakes Champion Cast.  A great run by a nice dog!

DOB  08/06/11



7th - Georgia Rally Hunt - Dexter, GA - 01/19/13

1st - Mississippi Regional - Montrose, MS - 02/02/13

4th - Georgia Regional - Cedar Crossings, GA - 02/16/13

2nd - Alabama Rally Hunt - Heiberger, AL - 11/07/15

6th - Spring Rally Hunt - Land Between the Lakes, KY - 03/12/16

1st - Altamaha South Georgia PM Regional Hunt - 12/03/16

ATFA Champion Casts:

1st - Dexter, GA - 01/20/17

1st - Montrose, MS - 02/03/17

1st - LBL, KY - 03/10/17

Cindy after her win at Montrose, MS at less than 1.5 years of age.  
Youngest hunt winner in ATFA History!


1st - Mansfield, GA - March 2015